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No podcast is an island. Here’s a hand-picked list of related resources that you might also find interesting.


Our Other Sites:

  • The Ghidrah – This is the web site with basic information about the age playing, poly family that your show hosts are a part of. There you can learn more about us and the projects we’re invloved with to help serve our communities.
  • – Connecting online is great, but meeting others and connecting face to face is even better. That’s what Littles Munches are about. Go there to meet folks in your area. Get to know real life age players and have real life fun.
  • Auntie Eva’s Boarder – Just in case you haven’t heard about it on the show yet. One of your podcast hosts, Mako Allen, has written an age play novel. It’s had an amazing reception and is already on it’s second printing. (Note we’re using an Amazon affiliate link here. A portion of your purchase proceeds will go to benefit the podcast.) Now also available on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad through iTunes Books! Also available on the Nook, through Barnes & Noble!


Our Friends and Fans:

  • – This is an online magazine geared most directly to ABDL but with some articles having broader appeal among other age players. Favorite works with a hand-full of other authors to create regular fresh and original content. We did an interview with him on Episode 5.
  • – Sprechen Sie Deutsch und Windeln? If you speak German and diapers, then this site has you covered. They even run a regular munch for age players in Berlin.
  • Baby Junior – Baby Junior is an adult baby living in the East Midlands (UK) and sharing all his fun thoughts and projects with you. Check out the adult-sized crib he just built.
  • Understanding Infantilism – BitterGrey is doing important work documenting the interests and structures of the adult baby community. This web site is where he shares his insights and documents his latest findings.
  • Never Grown Up – Our friend Benny is amazingly talented. One that we really appreciate is his ability to create great kids clothes for almost-grownups. You can by some of them here on his Etsy store.
  • A Closet Life – Blogs about his adventures as a Diaper Love and age player.
  • Celyen’s Little Blog – Another fun blogger. He’s a prolific writer sharing his experiences with ABDL and with Aspergers Syndrome.
  • Ella’s Playspace – This is the personal blog of one super cute and sweet little girl called Ella. She’s really super-fun and if you get to see her, give her a hug from us!
  • A Danish ABDL site – I’m sure my Google Translate doesn’t do it justice, but here’s a shout out to our friends in Denmark. Tak for opmærksomheden!
  • Vibes of Val – Our pal Valentalae has an amazing blog filled with her obscure thoughts, and meaningful experiences.  She likes to call it her “weirdpress.”
  • – Find some excellent listening through their curated list of programs.

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