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Episode 119 – Gender and Age Play with Lee Harrington

Posted by: spacey on: September 19, 2016

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Description: Gender is a journey. On this episode we learn more about it and it’s interrelation to age play with our guide, Lee Harrington.

Episode 118 – Little to Little Relationships

Posted by: spacey on: August 21, 2016

Description: If you think every little must partner with a big to have a fulfilling relationship, our guests will help you think again.

Episode 116 – Age Play Scouting

Posted by: spacey on: February 28, 2016

Description: Maybe you crave a little more structure and organization to your age play. Maybe you like the idea of of an age play scene where you learn new skills, earn badges, and contribute to improving the people and community around. If so, when maybe age play scouting is what you seek. It seems in the […]

Episode 115 – Little Lady Sam Personal Interview

Posted by: spacey on: January 17, 2016

Description: We’re pretty sure that one of the things Sam never every thought she would do is to be on a podcast about age play. Because she has a habit of doing things she thinks she’d never do, she joined us for a fun personal interview. Listen and maybe you’ll be adopting that same habit.

Episode 114 – Diaper Show Part 2

Posted by: spacey on: December 21, 2015

Description: Maybe you remember the wonderful mess that was our crazy episode 21 or maybe you don’t. Well, wee (wee) did it again. Join us for some absorbing conversation, as we talk with some of your favorite diaper connoisseurs about about come of their favorite things.

Episode 113 – Age Play in San Francisco

Posted by: spacey on: December 13, 2015

Description: Sourdough, the Golden Gate Bridge, Rice-A-Roni, and age play. San Francisco is known as a region that challenges social norms. Join us as we interview a panel of age players from the Bay Area to lean more about the culture of age play there. Learn about munches, play parties, scouting groups, and so much […]

Episode 112 – Parents who are Age Players Part 2

Posted by: spacey on: July 26, 2015

Description: Many consider parenting to be some of the hardest, yet most rewarding work on the planet. For those of us who are parents and also happen to be age players, that work can be more challenging still. Our guests have children ranging from newly born to fully grown. Join us as they share with us […]

Episode 111 – The Nerd Kink Blender (Live at Frolicon)

Posted by: spacey on: June 14, 2015

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Description: As age players, the experiences of our play does not take place in a vacuum. Instead it’s informed by our many experiences down all the roads we have traveled. Some of those common roads are nerd culture and kink culture. On this show we discuss the many was what we do is impacted by […]

Episode 110 – Mr Sarah Personal Interview

Posted by: spacey on: April 19, 2015

Description: Mr. Sarah is an adult baby and regular volunteer at CAPcon, the Chicago Age Play Convention, where we first met him. It didn’t take long before we knew we had to have him on the show. (It just took a couple of years to make it happen.) Come hear the story of his journey […]

Episode 109 – Music for Age Players

Posted by: spacey on: February 22, 2015

Description: There are all kinds of ways that music can change or enhance your ageplay. On this show our intrepid panel of age playing musicians, and music connoisseurs take us on a musical tour with lots of amazing stops. We’ll hear some ageplay anthems and songs that will make you cry, laugh, or perhaps just […]

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