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The Big Little Podcast show is an audio program by, about, and for age players of all kinds. We cover a broad range of age play topics, from diapers to discipline and topic shows to personal interviews.

Your regular hosts are Mae, Mako, and Spacey with help from our wonderful family, friends, and volunteers. Featuring you as a guest star when you join us for a live recording.

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9 Responses to "About"

great podcast on regression. i’ve definitely had the same kind of experience with regression. once i spent a weekend with a couple who allowed me to regress fully…and it was such a great experience, the transition back to adulthood seemed to take longer. while i knew i could have come back to “full adult mode” in an emergency…i had the space to come back from the regression slowly.

i’m wondering if you’ve had the experience of wanting/needing more sleep when regressed to 2 yo or younger. 6 mo seems to be my default baby age.

thanks for the great show!
baby jimmy

Being little definitely impacts me physiologically. When I am little for long periods of time, it exhausts me. I also find I need more sleep when I’m little. I’ve come out of a deep regression completely ravenous, but not consistently so.

Thanks for the kind comments!

I never heard of big little podcast, I don’t even remember how I found it. Let me just say that I enjoy it very much. I am in Iraq right now and I love downloading your podcasts and listening to them on my iPod while I am working. Thank you both so much, I truly enjoy the show.

Hi Bamm Bamm,

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on the show. It really means a lot to all of us who work on it to know that it’s helping to keep people connected, even so far away.

Thank you and *snuggles*
spacey – Adopted by Lady Mae

hi mako and spacey, and may, really love your pobcasts, keep up the good work

hugs and cuddles babyandy

I can’t believe I hadn’t heard of this podcast until recently when reading Paul Rulof’s book, especially considering I used to actually know mako via chats (but have yet to meet him in person), so keep up the good work guys. I think with some time and some effort, we can overcome the negative stereotypes that most in the kink community have of us.

I love your podcast! I have just started to download the episodes and I had listened two episodes. it Is really interesting the subjects you talk. Have you guys talked about chastity and age a play?

whats the intro music?

I have just discovered your podcast site thanks to a little friend of mine on Fetlife. I had to check out what this was about and must say, this looks like something that will certainly become a part of mine and my little’s shows to listen to either live or some of the recorded ones. I have discovered a few that may be helpful for her in many ways. Glad I have for you guys for sure LOL

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