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Episode 102 – Ageplay 101

Posted on: May 19, 2014


Gather ’round class. Take off your shoes, have a seat on the carpet, and make a circle. Jimmy, you leave your sister’s hair alone!

It’s time to tell you about the mystical, joyous, and fabulous world of age play. We brought some great guest speakers. Some of them are new to teaching age play and some of them have been doing it for years. So please turn your attention to the front of the class, open your ears, and open your minds for age play 101.

  • What is age play?
  • Who does it and why?
  • How do I find other age players safely?
  • How can I help my partner understand?

Some additional info from this show:

  1. Concerning Littleton is Mako’s new book available on the Amazon Kindle store and published just in time for CAPcon. If you’ve been looking great age play fiction or just a way to support the show, now you can have and do both!
  2. The podcast is going to be taking a break for June, July, and August. We have lots more show ideas and we’ll look forward to talking with you again after the summer. Keep your eyes on twitter, the FetLife group, and your email for some special summertime announcements.

Hosts: Mae, Mako & Spacey

Guests: Riley Kilo, Gwydion, and Psyche

Recorded: May 13th, 2014 @ 9:00 PM EST

Show Notes:

2 Responses to "Episode 102 – Ageplay 101"

[…] Big Little Podcast 125 episodes available. Latest on 20 May 2014, 1:29am GMT : “Episode 102 ? Ageplay 101” A Podcast By, About, and For Ageplayers of All […]

Hey! I’m new to listening to your show. I really, really liked a few key points from this episode:

To many, DD/lg and ageplay are essentially sexualizing/sensualizing being vulnerable. I’ve always struggle to articulate this, and I think you guys did so beautifully.

I also loved that you recognized that some people don’t identify with the terms like “age play”, “baby girl”, and “Daddy” or don’t have specific ages they identify with because they don’t feel like they’re playing at anything or don’t quite fit the labels.

So well said. <3 <3

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