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Episode 98 – Boogles Personal Interview

Posted on: February 16, 2014


Tall, geeky and a lover of diapers, Boogles helped to blaze many of the trails we take for granted as a part of the online age play community. In fact, without his efforts mako and spacey may never have met. In this personal interview we learn how Boogles got his start, what it was like in the early days of the internet, and what keeps the diaper-clad tech geek going today. Join us for a fascinating and nostalgic personal interview.

Hosts: Mae, Mako & Spacey

Guest: Boogles

Recorded: February 11th, 2014 @ 9:00 PM EST

Show Notes:

3 Responses to "Episode 98 – Boogles Personal Interview"

OMG – Boogles!

It’s BabyMisty. Haven’t seen you since our munch in San Francisco soooo long ago.

Hope you are great!

Huggies from the east coast.

Almost ashamed to say I caught some of the early podcasts, but hadn’t managed to follow on, with marital issues that made it difficult to get time at home for listening. Now, with a smartphone, and time on the road, I hope I can start over, and catch up, while you’re away for a few…

Since I’ve been on BBIF, nearly since its’ inception, it was really nice to hear all three of you chatting up the old days like this. My roots were in all the same places (asfd, abpefd, dean-stark, the IRC channels, Bytemine BBS in San Diego, of course, with DPF as a story contributor) We’ve all seen a lot of changes in the AB/DL community, over the past decades, but it’s nice to have been a part of “the early days”, and be able to relate to all you guys talked about.

Thanks for bringing it!

Jamieboy aka ABDreamz

hehe.. Just listened to this.. Mommy bot brings back memmories..
I was an op on the channel back then and Used to do quite a bit of /mommy say..

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