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Episode 96 – Natasha Lockhart Personal Interview

Posted on: January 19, 2014


Award winning pony? Check.
Talented web designer? Check.
Ageplayer? Check.
Transgender? Check.
My little pony Fluttershy fangirl? Check.
Lego maniac? Check.

Inspirationally self-motivated, pull herself up by her own bootstraps badass? Check!

And now Natasha Lockhart is our terrific personal interview guest.

Hosts: Mae, Mako & Spacey

Guests: Natasha Lockhart

Recorded: January 14th, 2014 @ 9:15 PM EST

Show Notes:

2 Responses to "Episode 96 – Natasha Lockhart Personal Interview"

Oh my goodness I had *so* much K’Nex as a kid. The Big Ball Factory, the rollercoaster, the big ferris wheel set… I spent practically every penny I was given on that stuff and it’s all now in my mother’s attic 1000s of miles away… I’m gonna have to start collecting it again.

The podcast has just re-ignited one of my childhood passions 😀

I had the roller coaster, and I still have almost all the parts! Unfortunately, I lost the instructions, and the track tubing was destroying by my dad’s cat, but I still have all the actual K’nex from it, and then some 🙂

Having childhood toys around is the best ageplay thing I’ve ever done, I highly recommend getting your K’nex collection sent from your mom’s place! 😀

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