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Episode 85 – Dead Cow Girl Personal Interview

Posted on: August 11, 2013


Mona a.k.a. Dead Cow Girl is more than the bovine undertaker her name suggests. She’s also a dominatrix and mommy blogger all rolled into one.

Mona was brought into age play though her role as a dominatrix. Over time she developed a taste for it as well as a skill for creating fantasy. In our chat with her we learn more about how she happened down that path and how she has used that skill for both pleasure and personal growth. We also learn how she did all this while keeping balance in her life as a spouse and mother.

Hosts: Mae, Mako, & Spacey

Guests: Mona aka Dead Cow Girl

Recorded: August 5th, 2013 @ 8:45 PM EST

Show Notes:

2 Responses to "Episode 85 – Dead Cow Girl Personal Interview"

I enjoyed this interview. You all sound so kind, and it was nice to hear other age play povs. Thank you for discussing my Glitter story a little bit. I hope “it’s a doozy” is an ok thing! Hearing that made me feel not-alone. That means a lot. XO

If you liked Brene Brown’s TED talks, you might love her book, Daring Greatly. Life changing work, in my opinion.

Thank you for having me on the show! It was super fun to record and I hope you will have me on again sometimes!

I’m really happy with the feedback that I’ve gotten from people like the lovely Polly Priss! I love to know that all the weird, random crazy info I have in my head can no only be used for evil, it can be used for good!

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