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Episode 77 – Ageplay Leadership (Live at CAPcon 2013)

Posted on: April 23, 2013


For this episode your hosts traveled all the way to Chicago, Illinois to attend the 2013 Chicago Age Players Convention (CAPcon). There we gathered with a great panel of ageplay leaders involved in everything from convention planning and education, to writing and running a business. Learn about the convention, what it takes to be a leader, and why the world of ageplay needs you to be a leader too.

Hosts: Mako, & Spacey

Guests: Benny, Luke, Mo, Paul Rulof, Golden Loki, Zorro Daddy, and a room full of others

Location: CAPcon 2013

Special Recording Assistance: LilSquash

Recorded: April 21st, 2013 @ 11:00 AM EST

Show Notes:

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Woot! Amazing 🙂

[…] had the good fortune of attended CAPCon 2013 and also being invited to sit in the panel for the CAPCon Podcast.  The topic was leadership within the community we know and are a part of.  While I didn’t […]

[…] Age Play Leadership – Episode 77 LIVE at CAPcon […]

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