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Episode 65 – Clown Play

Posted on: November 4, 2012

Episode 65 – Clown Play

Big Little Podcast Episode 65

They are both loved and reviled. They subvert social norms while bringing either terror, joy, or sometimes joy. Love or hate them, our guests Buttons and Cream Pie, a.k.a. Mr. Del and Kitty Stryker, share with us their amazing experiences that include  engaging age play, incredibly creative scenes, and dealing with a little bit of fear and intolerance.

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Anecdote: when I was a kid, maybe 10 or 11, I saw a kids TV show that had a segment in which a clown grabbed one of the audience members and, through editing trickery, appeared to whack the person in the face with a powder puff and instantly transform her into fully dressed and made-up clown. This gave me a kind of a jolt, something muddled between fear and arousal. I can see how a lot of people could find that exciting, just as a lot of what some people are phobic about, others are aroused by.

I think clowning doesn’t mix well with regular BDSM, because of the aforementioned clown phobia and that it undermines the coolness kinky people crave, and also because BDSM is based on very ordered, structured interactions, with everything planned out. It’s ballet, not crunking. Clowns are chaotic and unpredictable, and most people want the reassurance of the orderly, predictable BDSM scene.

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