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Episode 64 – Anxiety & Depression

Posted on: October 21, 2012

Episode 64 – Anxiety & Depression

Big Little Podcast Episode 64

It’s not unique to age players, but issues with anxiety and depression can be quite common. Our panel shares some of their personal experiences, struggles, how they are coping, and where age play fits in.

Show Notes:

(Special thanks to our panel and show notes mistress Maya for helping to collect these important resources.)

Hopeline suicide prevention hotline and online crisis chat
1-800-442-4673 (HOPE)

RAINN (Rape, Abuse, Incest National Network) for issues relating to any kind of sexual violence.
1-800-656-4673 (HOPE)

Outside the USA, you can search by country at for resources in your area.


3 Responses to "Episode 64 – Anxiety & Depression"

Great show everyone!

I have my own issues with depression/self-esteem, and I’ve had some treatments for it over the years and I’m not sure I agree with you guys that you have to share knowledge of your kink with your docs/therapists/counsellors in order to get good treatment…
I myself never have, because I’ve never felt my fetish & ageplay were relevant to my problems. I’m young enough that I discovered my kink along with the internet, so I’ve never felt as shamed and isolated by it as perhaps older people did. I’ve been lucky that my kink has never been a focus of negative emotions for me, and I have no reason to connect them with any negative experience in my memory.

To me it’s always seemed like a waste of time bring it up with a therapist, because I’m not trying to get my kink fixed. Maybe I’m wrong and I’d get better treatment results if I did, but that’s just my outlook.

Something I’m sharing:

Don’t try to stop me smee!!! from Hook

Well I dealt with depression for years as a teenager and into early adulthood but rather than psychology I had a religious/spiritual experience that helped alleviate that. I have gone to a therapist for other behavioral issues and other than mentioning I have a kink, we never went into it. Before I lost my job we started transitioning into the dating arena and my interactions with women so it may have come up sooner or later. i don’t think it has to but it does help to have a nonjudgmental environment to share with.


I could be wrong, but I didn’t get the impression that they think it’s necessary to always share your kinks with your therapist. This one thing Spacey said comes to mind, only talk about it if it will enhance your relationship. I think that’s true for the therapist/client relationship just like any other. If I thought it was relevant to my issues, I’d bring it up. If not, I wouldn’t. In short, I agree with you.

It wasn’t mentioned, but I think they hit this in more detail on an earlier show:

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