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Episode 58 – Psyche Interview – Getting to Knooooow You

Posted on: July 29, 2012

Episode 58 – Psyche Interview

Big Little Podcast Episode 58

On this show we spend a little one on one time with one of our favorite podcast guests, Psyche. We talk about her introduction to age play, how her interests and relationships have changed over time, how NOT to brat her Daddy, and lots and lots about Second Life. Join us as we get to knooooow Psyche a little bit better.

Show Notes:

2 Responses to "Episode 58 – Psyche Interview – Getting to Knooooow You"

After listening to the podcast I have become very interested in second life and Psysche’s willingness to help people in it. I Was wonding how to get in contact to learn more.

If you haven’t yet, i know this is a late response…Check out and get set up with an account. Download and install the program. When you do, IM me, melody Swashbuckler, and i would love to help you out.

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