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Episode 56 – Communication

Posted on: July 1, 2012

Episode 56 – Communication

Big Little Podcast Episode 56

On this episode we have another panel of great guests to talk about the troubles we face when talking. Join Gloria Brame, Bo Blaze, Wunder Tom, Little Ella, and of course your usual podcast hosts as we discuss the ins and outs of a relationship cornerstone: communication.

Show Notes:

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I have to say this episode was particular informative & useful for me! Really nice that season 2 has started! 🙂

Awesome show, but some of the show notes got posted twice. Gloria’s blog and Bo’s website, unless my computer’s playing tricks on me. 😉 Just thought I’d say something since this is the communication show. lol

I do enjoy journaling myself. I feel that it helps me release some of the emotions that are hard to verbalize. Having said that I tend to use my journal as a means of communication for others to read and to really see what I am going through, or to understand me a bit better.

I want to touch on something else. Online communication. I treat people online as if I am at a munch. I talk as if I am sitting right next to the person. If I were at a munch and some one happened to ask me if I’m diapered, with out so much as a “Hello,” I would have some choice words for them.

If I am at a munch and all I hear from the other person is this onslaught about diapers, brands, sizes, colors, and all sorts of variations I’d get bored.

However, if we happen to move onto different subjects and are respectful of each other and the kink is there but its not being forced fed I feel that its a great conversation.

As always thank you BigLittle podcast crew for all that you do.


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