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Episode 55 – Listener Questions and Book Reviews

Posted on: June 17, 2012

Episode 55 – Listener Questions and Book Reviews

Big Little Podcast Episode 55

On this episode we talk about what’s been going on with your hosts during the season break, answer your email and voice mail questions, and review two books covering age play topics: There’s a Baby in My Bed by Rosalie Bent and The Toybag Guide to Age Play by Lee Harrington.

Show Notes:

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Some quick additions and follow ups…
That article about the power of being able to walk away can be found here:

Also, I did some checking, and Lulu, as a NC based company came out AGAINST Amendment 1.

I intend to continue using them, for their excellent services.

A show note for the Sneetches…

Chrissy’s question reminded me of this 1988 New York Times article about how some people with dissociative identity disorder would change from having serious allergies to not having them as their identities changed. Wild stuff. My take away is that scientists don’t yet have all the answers, especially when it comes to mind-body interaction. Even though age play regression isn’t even close to the same as DID, this study proves (unless it has since been discredited) that changes in the mind can affect profound, instantaneous changes on the body.

Probing the Enigma of Multiple Personality

“WHEN Timmy drinks orange juice he has no problem. But Timmy is just one of close to a dozen personalities who alternate control over a patient with multiple personality disorder. And if those other personalities drink orange juice, the result is a case of hives.”

I’ve heard of people who had multiple personalities that were diabetic in some personalities, but not all. I’ve been hearing about stuff like this for 30+ years, at least before the internet was widely available. It kind of helps that some of my family are medical professionas, some are science buffs.

[…] Review of  ”There’s the Baby in My Bed” on Episode 55 of the Big Little Podcast. […]

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