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Episode 54 – Switching

Posted on: June 3, 2012

Episode 54 – Switching

Big Little Podcast Episode 54

Our guests Lola Sunshine and sailor are both age play switches as are your podcast hosts. We talk about the joys of being flexible with your roles as well as dealing with the complications that can arise.

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Glad you like my checklist compilation. 🙂

I enjoyed listening to your show on switching. You’re a friendly bunch. I’m a complete stranger to age play and don’t play publicly in groups, so the examples of your experiences described, and of onlookers’ reactions, are mainly stuff I don’t have any personal relation to. From friends’ and acquaintances’ descriptions of their BDSM switching without the ageplay components, I believe people of whatever interests can learn a lot, for example on negotiation and going into / going out of scene dynamics, as well as close awareness of one’s own inner voice, from people who have experience with switching. I appreciate it when people describe their own interests with authenticity and gusto and mutual regard. So thanks!

Initially, I think, I came across your podcast via a link on Gloria Brame’s blog.

Hey, I just listened to the episode for the first time. It’s SO trippy listening to yourself! Anyway, it was really awesome to not only share my experience with switching in ageplay, but also be able to learn from the hosts, my ma’am, and all the other folks who contributed. I love situations where we can get together as folks who are into this one great common thing but where we can each bring our unique ways of approaching this thing to the table. I learned a lot. Thanks for inviting me!

No new episode this week?

Please be patient, gentle listener. The next episode is coming very soon.

spacey – Adopted by Lady Mae

Great episode folks, found it very informative. I identify as a switch, however as with all things kink, i’ts a little more complicated than that. I was wondering if you all could do an episode or offer some tips on being in touch with your littleside or better aware of your little’s presence. I’m single and in my living situation I’m more or less in the big role and thus my little side gets suppressed. This leads to interesting moments where I might be doing something that isn’t little appropriate(horror stories, not what you’re thinking, lol) and suddenly I am in a completely different headspace and not handling the situation positively. To clarify, I love urban legends and the like so when I’m bored at night I’ll go check out the newest Creepy Pastas and suddenly I find something I otherwise laugh at for it’s absurdity completely terrifying. I can tell when I’m regressing at times, however I really kind of suck at it. Any tips?

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