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Episode 52 – Anniversary Show

Posted on: February 12, 2012

Episode 52 – Anniversary Show

Big Little Podcast Episode 52

Mae, Mako, and Spacey celebrate their first year of podcasting with a special episode in two parts. In part one Unspeakable Axe, host of The Masocast, interviews us to learn about the basics of ageplay from an outsider’s point of view as well as what goes into making these shows. In part two, some of your favorite guests from prior shows return and talk about what they’ve been doing since they were last on.

Settle in for this one. At three hours, it’s our longest show yet!

After this show we’re officially on break. We’ve got plans, though, and look forward to being back with new shows next season.

It’s been a blast. On behalf of the entire podcast team, thank you for listening!

Show Notes

  • The Great Big Podcasturbation Show, or “Tomorrow we are all going to be so sore.”
  • Mako’s interview on The Masocast was in May 2010.
  • Celebrities wearing diapers – v shared this but doesnt have a link
  • Episode 6, where Mako shared a story about an awkward scene at his place.
  • Camp Crucible – and link to camps and cons ep
  • Auntie Eva’s Boarder
  • Big Little Podcast Transcripts – wiki link here
  • in particular, the Diaper Show transcript
  • Parents Who are Ageplayers show – Episode 19
  • Clip Show
  • (number pulled at random) 473 show notes and counting .. or is this 474?
  • Eedoo’s list-a-ble ?
  • Regression & BDSM Events Show – Episode 3 – with guest Peanut
  • Show note index — did we mean an appendix? Oy!
  • The Sissies Episode – Episode 51
  • Cisgender – need definition here – see Show 24, Transgendered Age Players
  • Avenue Q song, The More You Ruv Someone (sure does sound like RUB to me)
  • V flooded nitrous’ Fetlife wall: (on page 2 at bottom)
  • Capcon
  • Frolicon
  • Colonial Kink
A big thank-you to Valentalae for making my job on this episode a lot easier! Your wonderful obsession with BLP wherein you can call out stories as being in certain episodes from memory is commend-a-ble 😉  –  Shownotes Mistress (Maya)


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You all did such a great job. Your rest and vacation from the podcast is very well deserved. The Alicia Silverstone reference to her being an age player was from a apparent photo shoot many years ago. I will try to re-find them.

Only one comment on this one? Seriously? 😛

Congrats you guys, and thanks for having me on!

Hope all’s well,

Very well done 🙂 I hope this hiatus doesn’t slip into permanency though. That seems to happen to a lot of broadcasts that “take a break”

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