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Episode 48 – Age Play Tech and Toys

Posted on: January 15, 2012

Episode 48 – Age Play Tech and Toys

Big Little Podcast Episode 48

The members of our panel show us all that fun that can be had by a little with a credit card. Learn about the tools and toys that make being an age player in the modern age so much fun.

Show Notes

These notes have been kindly provided by Baby Will. Thank you, Baby Will!

The players
For standard contact info for the Big Little Podcast

Fetlife: Spacey –

Fetlife: Mako –

FetLife account closed.

Fetlife: Spdrmky –

Fetlife: Aclosetlife –

Fetlife: Devianttouch –
Benny’s Etsy Shop –


Fetlife: Magnus1ab –


The Show
Throatwobbler Mangrove – Raymond Luxury Yacht
This is a reference to a Monty Python’s Flying Circus sketch from Season 2: Episode 6.

The 5TH Element
This is a sci-fi movie staring Bruce Willis, Gary Oldman and Milla Jovovich.
The reference is to a scene with Leeloo and Corven Dallas.

Never Grow Up – Etsy Store – Benny

Think Geek
For the RC Shark and Clown Fish – Air Swimmers Flying RC Sea Life
• Think Geek also has Legos and Lego Mindstorms NXT
• They also have a Lego iPhone brick case

Festivals and Places to Go
Fetfest [with Bouncy Town] –
Camp Crucible –
Capcon –
Twisted Trist – June in Indiana –
Burning Man –

Video Games Mentioned
Lego Star Wars/ Batman/ Harry Potter/ Indiana Jones – Multiplayer online – Multiple Systems
Endless Ocean – Wii – Multiplayer Online
Little Big Planet – PS3 – Multiplayer Online –
Little Big Planet 2 – PS3 – Multiplayer Online –

Mario Party
For a list of ALL Mario Games this link breaks them down by system.

Ipad/ Android/ Other Apps
Midway Arcade – It’s a retro arcade with vintage video games and “ticket” type games.
Plants vs Zombies
Lego Harry Potter [Both versions]
Fetlife [on Android]
Luvs Poopdeck -the pirate game with dirty diapers
Charlie Brown Christmas – Animated Book
Alice In Wonderland – Animated Book


World of Warcraft

Second Life –


Lego Mindstorms

FRS Radios
Channel 12 sub 34 – radio frequency for FRS radios at Camp Crucible.
FRS Radios on

Radio 10-Codes
Ok, here’s a list of 10 codes for radio. I was surprised to find 10-10 was NOT the code for “wet diaper”. However, quite a few of these codes could have double meanings in a “little” context. Maybe we should come up with our own Ageplay 10-code list?

RC Cars, Trucks, ETC

Go Pro
The Go Pro camera is a small HD camera in a waterproof case that can be mounted anywhere.
Sign up for their newsletter to get the video of the week. Amazing stuff.

Bed Wetting Alarms
This looked like the most practical but some of these are pretty expensive.
This one looks cheap and coolest. You can buy the sensor buy itself and it plays music when wet. I think it’s like $10 for the sensor alone.
I don’t know if you can actually get these anymore. It looked like they were all discontinued. I’m not too sure about the site either. It’s a wholesale from China site.
These guys are pretty interesting. They develop sensors so that the baby onuses transmit temperature, diaper info and other data right to your cell phone by Bluetooth. I haven’t read the whole site yet but sounds kind of cool. They do all sorts of sensors and monitoring devices.

Laser Tag
Outside of some cheaper versions I saw on Amazon, it looks like companies that make the equipment want you to invest in creating a fun center. I’ll see if I can find a rental group that will do it on site for events.

Ageplay Negotiation Form

Teledildonics [And similar]
Technical Info And Applications
HeyTell – App
Audio Hijack Pro
Centovacast –
Colloquy – IRC Client – App
Skype –
Garageband – You can get a standard application or a version for your iPad/ iPod
Mic – Spacey – Blue Yeti USB mic on stand
Mic – Mako – Audio Technica mic into a preamp
Dropbox is an online storage site where you can selectively share folders with others for uploading and downloading. When you sign up you get a standard amount of space. If you refer others to the service they will give you more space per referral. Make sure when you sign up to put down Mako or Spacey as referring you so they get more storage space.

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knot knot, obana needs to take to mako about a shark & ufo,
nice show again, yes it alway safe not to put to much info out on the net, you never know where it will end up, i should know having a so call daddy that was 100% fake (photos, f/b A/C, twitter A/C) oh i learnt form that one, men are girls, girls are the police, 16yo is 67yo, cute is bold, it the internet for you,
rc mako that would be fun, do you thing spacey could fly him to the uk,
hugs and cuddles babyandy off

Yay show notes! Of course I changed my twitter name since that episode was taped. ClosetDL is now DLDex 🙂

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