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Episode 46 – Erotic Humiliation

Posted on: January 1, 2012

Episode 46 – Erotic Humiliation

Big Little Podcast Episode 46

If you love to blush or fantasize about others finding out your “dirty little secret” you’re probably into erotic humiliation. Our guests for this show tell how it’s done and how it has been done too them. They teach us about everything from negotiation to aftercare and all the red-faced details in between. Join us for one rollicking fun and embarrassing show.

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7 Responses to "Episode 46 – Erotic Humiliation"

babyandy here, woow nice one, i would love it if my daddy would just check my nappy in public pants near the floor, as long as i have my blankie to hide my red face, i wear 24/7, just been in to hospital for a eeg brain scan, i forgot i was wearing a abena m4, as the nurse was setting up, she clearly spotted it, but she seen nappies before she a nurse, i have just got a baby bottle that dose not look like a baby bottle thats going the be fun to use in public, hugs and cuddles babyandy off

to littlewetbabyandy:

Please please have some discretion. I doubt you want other fetishes thrown in your face, pretty much like everyone else. Public humiliation is fun, but theres a limit. The ABDL / Ageplay community has had enough negative press as it is.

Also had a quick look at your twitter;

“i put my name forward to see the continence adviser nurse, good old nhs, i hope to get free nappies off the nhs.”

All I can ask is why? From reading, it seems that your not incontinent (though I could be wrong) if so, please leave the supplies for people who really do need them. I doubt NHS freebies will be any good anyway, deficiently wont be Abena’s.

Anyway, sorry for the mini rant, loved this episode, erotic humiliation has always been a big part of my AB side. Being forced to wear diaper to bed because you had an accident has got to be my favourite role play 😀

hi, yes i am inco, overactive bladder, tramua to the prostrate, bladder from a cycling accident, yes free nappies will be handy,
but stopping the mad cramps in my bladder will be better,
yes i am a ab, yes i done this for a long time, yes i am autistic, yes i am inco to,

I neglected to mention this on the air, but the thought of public humiliation freaks the hell out of me. Having no ability to witness others’ reactions, I’d get nothing out of the required exhibitionism, except old fashioned, killjoy paranoia. This wouldn’t apply to certain events of course.

Thanks for having me on to laugh at and with! 🙂

This one was sooo funny 😛 I laughed so hard 😀

Hello All,

I love the show!! Just stumbled on it. I’ve been interested in ABDL for as long as I can remember! This is episode totally relevant to my bend on this kink. Submission/ageplay/humiliation the perfect combo.


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