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Episode 45 – Listener Questions

Posted on: December 25, 2011

Episode 45 – Listener Questions

Big Little Podcast Episode 45

It’s another episode where we answer your voicemail, email, and chat room  and call-in questions. We also review Paul Rulof’s book “Age Play from Diapers to Diplomas.”

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2 Responses to "Episode 45 – Listener Questions"

hi it littlewetbaby off twitter, to say the little in my name is, i am very small 5` 1″ yes we all are little and big, i love it when someone talk down to me that make my knees go like jelly, i do, do rp but only with daddies that have very very very very long arms, so there not many people out there, as i am autistic i go under hypnosis very easily, and i love it, you should really want to do the thing on the file that way you will become hypnotized, (i bet if there was file that turn you into a babywhale for a hour, you would be hypnotized mako) 52 show turn times square in to a ageplay nursery and come live from for the biggest party
hugs and cuddles babyandy

About names:
See The Treachery of Images by Belgian René Magritte. It shows a picture of a pipe with the caption “This is not a pipe.” Because it’s an IMAGE of a pipe. I find that fascinating.

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