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Episode 43 – Age Play Around The World

Posted on: December 11, 2011

Episode 43 – Age Play Around The World

Big Little Podcast Episode 43

We’ve feel amazed and fortunate to have podcast listeners all over the world. To show our thanks and learn more about our listeners we decided to do a little traveling via Skype. Join us as we talk to guests from Australia, Austria, the UK, and Canada about age play outside the USA.

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Thanks for having me on the show ^_^ This was fun!


a pity that you had nobody from Germany on your panel.

the german community on is huge. we got 8.5k members and are doing annual real live meetings (WF / WindelFreizeit) boosting almost a hundred ABDL participants gathering together for a weekend. together with smaller weekend meetings (WTs / WindelTreffen) you can spend five weekends a in year with nice ABDL folks. i have been attending a lot of these events in the last five years.

there are monthly munches in Munich, Berlin, Stuttgart, Ruhr Region, Bremen and not so regular ones in Hamburg, Cologne, and Frankfurt / Main. I have been attending the munches (Stammtisch) in Stuttgart and later Berlin regularly during the last five years. Usually we are cheerful crowd of 15-25 people. The biggest one in Berlin yet had 39 participants.

Berlin hosts a biannual diaper party which attracts around 80 people from all over Europe; among them some from the US. The next winter edition is on 20th of January (see – scroll down for English version). The summer edition is always on the weekend of Christopher Street Day in Berlin. This party is just for guys, because is situated in a gay club, but is it not all gay. There is also a munch after the party on Saturday.

Then there is Camp Bl̦ja Рa ABDL holiday in sweden Рwhich is held annually in Sweden since 1990 (see Рyou need to be logged in for that page). Uwe, the guy who organized Camp Bl̦ja for the first 19 years, is in the international ABDL community since the beginning.

From my point of view the german diaper community is more related to the gay community than the kink community. A good share of my friends in the community are gay and at least Berlin has a great gay infrastructure.

To get diapers in Germany offline you need to be brave enough to walk into a pharmacy and ask for it. Most the pharmacies do not have my favourite brands like Abena X-Plus or Tena Maxi and are quite expensive. When i first started wearing adult diapers i went to another city and checked a lot of pharmacies for samples. Today i order at Saveexpress (, the European candy land for diaper lovers. The store is a storage depot filled to the brim with all kinds of European diaper brands. Unfortunately most of the diaper brands now feature cotton feel covers and Saveexpress does not offer any American brands like Bambino, Abuniverse or 24/7. Getting diapers from the other side of the pond costs more than 3 $ per piece, so they are not an all-day option for me. I am happy as long Tena and Abena keep their plastic covers, what at least Abena will most probably not.

Hit me up on
twitter as @windeldon
fetlive as windeldon as don
and on most other (diaper-)sites as windeldon

or visit our blog on
which promotes diaper event in Berlin and beyond

nice greetings


Hi Don,
somebody from the Berlin munch was invited to be on the show, but unfortunately got stuck in traffic and couldn’t make it in time.

Need pictures of Mako’s hats! 🙂

hi it babyandy here off nice one, love the fact that we all get little mixed up at the start of our ab/dl lifes to other country words, it took me a long time to work out what the f- was, a pushie, and a paci, lol now, can i thank everyone for there openess, good advice on finding a playmate,

lol, it the only good thing that been autistic has, i can take mr tedted out with me and no one has ever said a thing to me, he on my blog nb, mr tedted is a secret bodyguard but he a bed wetting bear (honest it not me)
hugs and cuddles andyandy

Just in terms of Australia there’s a bit going on, at least BDSM wise depending on where you are, and there are a few ageplayers within these groups.

Unfortunately I can’t speak for anywhere but Victoria and Melbourne there is a BDSM scene that is quite active. There are a number of munches, often running monthly that cover BDSM, subs, Slaves, Sometimes ageplay, sometimes clothing, under 35’s and some BDSM munches just on location. Some may have stalled or run infrequently but you can find out about these through fetlife and other chanels.
There are also specific BDSM events, at least 3 run monthly but there are often more, including Aus Kink fest. Kink Fest is Anual and includes several events and a fetish expo where Kink manufacturers and fetish items are sold. Some do Custom clothing and I know I’ve seen at least one clothing group with ageplay items on sale. Again most of these events can be found on fetlife.

I’ve not met many ageplayers who were into ABDL. So I guess if that was your specific thing you might find yourself in somewhat ambassadorial position. Many people I’ve met have a type of ageplay as secondary to other kinks and I’ve occationally been supprised by people I woudn’t have picked as ageplayers. There are also ageplay groups devoted to different cities, each in different levels of active.

So if your looking to meet kink people in Aus, or ageplayers my suggestion would be to jump onto Fetlife and contribute to the discussions and get to know people.


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