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Episode 41 – Age Play for One

Posted on: November 27, 2011

Episode 41 – Age Play for One

Big Little Podcast Episode 41

Our guests on this episode say that solo age play doesn’t have to be so lonely. We discuss age playing on your own both by yourself and around others.

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2 Responses to "Episode 41 – Age Play for One"

I’m new to the audience, just discovered it and am still getting caught up on episodes. Something in this episode really jumped at me, since I tend to have my “little time” by myself. As a student, I get stressed often with school, but take a break from working on papers by flipping on cartoons to just sit and unwind. It’s not the most intense thing, but it’s a very effective mental paci for me.

When action figures were mentioned during the show, I had to laugh because I was reminded of myself as a teenager. Many of the things I had “outgrown” such as my action figures and toy cars were boxed in my closet, and I would often get them out to play with them, running “undercover operations” with my GI Joe’s in the larger cars I had that they could fit in. What amuses me about it now was that, since it was “too immature” for me to be doing at the time, I would go through the same routine most teenage boys would for looking at Playboy. I’m talking checking the hallway, closing and locking the door, and keeping an ear open to make sure no one was coming, all so I could play with my toys.

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