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Episode 40 – Dollification

Posted on: November 20, 2011

Episode 40 – Dollification

Big Little Podcast Episode 40

Join us on the show that humanizes a fascinating form of objectification.Our guest Kit Koppelia, a dollification enthusiast and age player, tells us about this fascinating kink that plays well with others.

Transcription: Text transcription of this episode is available here. Created by Valentalae.

Show Notes

Beyond Vanilla (Dallas, Texas)
Doll Play group on FetLife
Human Dolls, Dollification, & Dollers group on FetLife
Bound Dolls (Bondage and Human Dollification) group on FetLife
Female Dollification group on FetLife
Male Dollification group on FetLife
Fetish Dollies group on FetLife
FetFest‘s “Bouncy Town”
Blackout Sclera Lenses
Agalmatophilia – Wikipedia
KitKoppelia’s Fetlife profile

Thank you Yitz for the help with this episode’s notes! – Shownotes Mistress

4 Responses to "Episode 40 – Dollification"

Interesting show. 🙂 I definitely see possibilities for crossover between ageplay and dollification; one of the staples of regression fiction is an older sibling wanting a baby brother or sister to dress up and play with like a doll, after all. (That’s in addition to the Besty Wetsy doll play mentioned during the show, of course.)

dollification only suggests ONE song to me, and it isn’t “Coin Operated Boy” (much as I like Amanda F Palmer)….

Cliff Richard – Living Doll

[…] recently heard an episode about dollification from the Big Little Podcast. It got me thinking about the parallel’s I’ve noticed between ageplay and […]

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