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Episode 33 – The Big Show

Posted on: October 2, 2011

Episode 33 – The Big Show

Big Little Podcast Episode 33

This time we turn the tables. It’s a Little Big Podcast all about bigs. (Not the video game.) Join our amazing panel of bigs as we discuss what’s in it for them, what makes a big tick (not the bug), and explore an oft-ignored group of age players.

Show Notes

A special shoutout to Yitz for helping me with the notes for this episode. Thank you very much, Yitz!

– Shownotes Mistress

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I just wanted to share that I listened to #33 tonight while at work and I heard so many great ideas, suggestions, and informative information that while the topic was Big basses as a little a learned a lot!! thank you so much for doing the podcasts I can’t wait to share the info with my community!

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