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Episode 28 – Religion and Age Play

Posted on: August 28, 2011

Episode 28 – Religion & Age Play

Big Little Podcast Episode 28

So these two jews, a christian, a muslim, a taoist, a solitary eclectic gnostic deist pagan, and an atheist all walk into a podcast… Join us as we talk with folks from a wide variety of faith walks about how religion and age play. We discuss how they their religious life and kink/age play interests, what their religious cannon has to say about kink and age play, and even learn how faith and age play inform each other in the lives of some of our guests.

Thanks again to our terrific panelists for being open and willing to talk about religion in their lives. These fine folks were Charlie, Peanut, Sysiphe, Elspeth, and Pene. Plus we great call-in moments and comments from the chat room folks during the recording.

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14 Responses to "Episode 28 – Religion and Age Play"

Im about to listen to the podcast, so I figured I would comment on somthing really quick. I was mormon, untill about 9 or 10 weeks I held the priesthood and everything. I have a few Diaper Lover mormon firends, who are really really into church, and asked the people higher up. One guy mentioned diapers to his Bishop, and another to the stake president. They didnt have a problem with it, but Im sure they failed to mention the sexual Unless they dont feel that way, I dont talk abotu sex stuff to them when we I got mad because I found out what the church does politicly, against gays. Yet its not a taxed political ogonisation, because its a church. But they pretty much funded all of Prop 8 in california. Im sure I will do 4 or 5 more comments, once the show

Thanks for having me on guys, and letting me ramble randomly about being a heeb.

I live in Bremerton. I heard you say your in the Seattle area. Im too scared to meet people yet. I know a few boys that Im going to meet soon. Im at the begining of the podcast. I usily leave long comments like 3 or 4 times a I just wanted to comment and tell you im local. If your on fetlife im Attendsboy420, and dont have much friends on there. Im trying to message people on there to meet more ageplayers that arent some guy poasting pictures from abdl websites, and saying they are him.

How come the kink people be mean to republicans? Im not a republican or a democrat. I think they both have some good ideahs and alot of bad ideah’s, but instead of working on their ideahs, they spend more time puting down, and trying to disprove the other partys ideahs. One party only wants to think about here and now, and just assumes everything will be fine. The other trys to act like they wont be able to operate their lives, if they are regulated.

In large part it is because the Republican party holds as major tenants of the party platform some very sex-negative and kink-negative views. When a party works tirelessly to make sure our lifestyles are illegal, that our children do not get sex ed, and that we are not permitted to make our own choices about our bodies and family structure, how can we not object?

Sitting by and allowing the party to continue to move that agenda forward is self-destructive.

I agree. But the republican kinksters I’ve met often hide that they are, because of how they’re treated by kinky people. I think it’s part-and-parcel of that “painted with the same brush” phenomena.

It’s not fair to treat a moderate, centrist, economically conservative, socially-liberal republican the same way as you would a hyper-religious, far-right-leaning tea-party person, someone who is a republican as an unthinking ideology, rather than a political position.

What amazes me about this though is that when I point this out to said person who has suffered that “paintbrush injustice”, and say that gay people, trans people, and kinky people suffer from this far more often, and with far more dire results, it often goes in one elephant-ear, and out the other.

Which, as we’ve said before, is why if you want tolerance, you have to give it – to everyone.

A vote for a politician that then goes on to push an agenda that hurts me is an ACTION that does my life real damage. That vote is an act of violence against me and my family.

You’re right – which is why *I* don’t vote for those sort of candidates. That’s why political discourse is a valuable activity, too.

I think i mentioned this in my first comment, from the other day. I was a Mormon, or LDS member, and I guess in their eyes I still am, but I dont consider myself one anymore, as of not even 3 months. Ive met alot of DL mormons online. No age playing ones though, but Ive heard stories of Bishops, and Stake Presidents, reacting the same way as the head Muslim guy, that I cant spell. Ofcorse they dont agree with sex before marige, or poliamery. I bet the FLDS would be ok with polyamery, since they are the polegamist mormon branch, that didnt want to give up the old ways, back in like the civil war era. The reason they had more than one wive in the first place is becaus most all of the men were killed. the wemen outnumberd the men 20-1 in utah, and they needed to reproduce, and take in widow’s/orphins. Or atleast tahts how it was justified. ๐Ÿ˜›

Hey, I was just curious what you call yourself now. I dated a girl that had mormon parents (she called herself a christian) and they were about as conservative as could be. Imagining a mormon with a fetish is pretty funny. It’s sad that you were so afraid of judgment about it. God sucks! Become your own deity! ๐Ÿ™‚


I am not sure whether to post here is the right idea, being that it has been so long. Mako just told me about this last night, so I came to check it out.

I am an evangelical Christian, so-to-speak. Completely non-denominational. I believe in salvation by Jesus Christ alone, and I believe in a literal interpretation of the Bible. I am very much like those crazy Tea Party people that got painted with a broad brush and were not very “tolerated” above. However, I would like to defend that I DO think for myself, and I don’t force my way of life on others. I will tell others about my way of life, because I think they need to know. If they reject it, at least they have heard. Thinking for myself is WHY I am conservative libertarian constitutionalist – if I didn’t think for myself, I’d be a liberal, considering who I have been closest to in the past 10 years or so!! I don’t believe other faiths are as good as mine – otherwise I wouldn’t bother to tell people about mine. Nor would I bother to practice it. I am a preacher, that’s what I do.

If that all makes me “intolerant”, so be it. However, I have never tried to stop anyone from having their party, I don’t get heavily involved in trying to put a stop to gay marriage, and I certainly do not believe anyone ought to be discriminated against. The same freedom that allows me to live my Christian Faith openly allows others to reject it. I’ll fight for your freedom to do that, even if I disagree with what it is you do.

I also have my MA and am working on my MTh, so I’ll disagree with a statement I heard on the podcast – that graduate school makes atheists out of theists. It strengthened my own faith. But then again I have always been an enigma!

My view is that,as far as faith goes, there is nothing wrong with age play. However, I also know that others are not going to see it that way. I know that because it is different, they will paint it as sinful. I know that because they know nothing about it and won’t bother to research it, they will allow their own imaginations – which must be pretty wicked, considering – to fill in the gaps and think we are all kinds of things we are not.

I know this because I have experienced it. Someone bound and determined to hurt me succeeded in doing so by outing me to my church. That’s fine – I needed to leave that place anyway. Things are better, and I don’t think I am in a place where the people would be as judgmental. The people before were LOOKING for something to judge me about, and when they had that bone thrown to them like that, they were ravenous wolves.

I will admit I lied to them about a couple things when it first came out. I felt I had to do that for protection. Still, it was wrong. But what can you do in a case like this? I wish I would have right from the start done what I eventually fell into – which was, “I will neither confirm nor deny any allegations you intend to make.” That then finally became, “….. Because it’s none of your damn business anyway!”

And it isn’t. Do you think those people told me every single thing about their private lives? They did not, and I did not WANT them to! That’s not what it is all about. And as far as something like ageplay … it needs to be protected and shared only with others you know you can trust.

Now sometimes that trust is misplaced. Someone I trusted somewhere along the line obviously was not worthy of that trust. The person who outed me knew way too many details; it had to be someone I know. That’s unfortunate, because I still don’t know who it was. Some believe it was a person who has since passed away – but I do not know.

That’s not the best of it. After I allowed people of my faith to kick me down, certain elements of the ageplay community decided to kick me while I was down. They actually pulled away from me completely, kicked me out, and hoped everybody would forget. I didn’t let that happen. Few people realized why I came back to LG Camp – it wasn’t just to have fun anymore. It was to make a point. To myself at the very least, if nobody else. And it’s something I’m not sure anyone else can understand, unless they are like me, and have been through the same circumstances. And I do know there are others who have.

Now – there are some members of my faith who are NOT like that. Obviously … you’ve got one on your podcast. But there are close friends I have told in the past, and you know … they did not take it badly. I guess because they were neither looking fot a reason to judge me, nor were they allowing themselves to believe this changed who I already am to them. And in fact, if I am willing to trust someone with that, I must think highly of them.

Oh sure – I am a public LG. I do go out dressed in my LG dresses or other little girl clothes, my diapers as well. My long wig done up in braids or ponytails with long ribbons. Gosh, I LOVE doing that.

………. in places at least 2 hours from my home. In front of people who don’t know me. With other friends. And I NEVER give people my real name (my friends know it though). So yeah, I’m public, but within guidelines which I think will keep me reasonably safe from life-long problems. Temporary problems are just that – temporary.

This is long, I know. I have been silent on what happened to me for a long time. Only recently, when I have felt it safe to do so, have I come out about it. Before that, there were people stalking me. There may still be, but now I fell it has been long enough that nobody wants to hear from them. Besides that, I fell I’M a much better person than before, and I don’t think people who know me will be so ready to want to hurt me.

….or maybe I’m just naive.

So why do I write it all? Simple – I hope it will help someone. Like I said – I know this has happened to others. The world is too big a place for it not to. And even if it helps someone who is just on something similar, or it helps someone AVOID what befell me, it’s worth it. That is why.

Thank you for your time and space. ๐Ÿ™‚

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