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Episode 27 – Lactation and Adult Nursing

Posted on: August 21, 2011

Episode 27 – Lactation & Adult Nursing

Big Little Podcast Episode 27

It requires effort and dedication, but for some age players adult breastfeeding creates an intimate experience unlike any other. Join us as we talk about the process and the connection created by this fascinating interaction.

Our guests Starshine and Baby Kevin help us milk this topic for all it’s worth.

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4 Responses to "Episode 27 – Lactation and Adult Nursing"

When I was like 7, and my mom was preget with my little sister. She was laying in the bathtub, since she doesnt care if she is nakid, infront of people:P. And she was teachign me about brest milk. She grabbed her boob, and sprayed milk like 6 feet at It didnt hit me, but it was a tini stream, like a thread of milk, peeing out of her brest, only not big around like a stream of peepee. lol. I didnt drink any ofcorse, but I bet its yuckey. Im only 3 minutes into the podcast, so people might talk about the flavor.

If a woman who is HIV positive, or has AIDS, and gives birth to a baby that is HIV negetive. Then they brest fead, it almost is certian for the baby to be HIV positive. I dont think it can pass to adults that way though. I know you would have to drink about 3qt’s of saliva to catch HIV. When I was 17 I got my finger sticked on a needle, and didnt think anything of it, utnill I was 20. I was sick, so they did blood tests on me and found out I had Hepatitis C. I did this form of chemo, that I was sapose to do for 48 weeks but I quit it after 6 months, because I lost 59lbs. The Hepatitis is indetectable right now. If it still is in december, then its called remission. I think I still can pass that from sex, or if I decide to be a junkey, I can pass it that way IDK if a mommy who had Hep C, if she could pass it from brest milk. IDK If I would ever want to be brest fead. Maby now that Ive been hearing about the connection stuff. I more want a daddie though. Girls make me scared, so I want to play with another boy. 🙂

100ml is 3.3oz, so about as much as starshine makes in a day. Its almost exatly 30ml in one oz of water, Im sure this isnt much more or less dince. now im sure mercury is like 5ml in one

OMG ! LOVE this subject !!! I love ANR !!! 🙂
Thanks for this podcast guys !

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