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Episode 26 – Dark Age Play

Posted on: August 14, 2011

Episode 26 – Dark Age Play

Big Little Podcast Episode 26

For many age play is light and fun. It’s a chance to return to playfulness and innocence. For our guests, however, not so much. πŸ™‚ Discover how some people use age play while frolicking along the edges of sex and fear.

Our very scary panelists were LilLaurel, Sara Noel, and Benny with help and comments from our chat room audience.

Show Notes

10 Responses to "Episode 26 – Dark Age Play"

This was an awesome show, but why’d you stop right after scratching the surface of the best part? πŸ™

Hmmm. Interesting. But only big babies who can’t can’t keep their undies dry and who have to wear big, poofy, crinkly, diapers would think the humiliation discussion was the best part!?! Do YOU know anybody like that? πŸ˜‰

I expect we’ll be doing an entire episode on humiliation play. Until then you’ll just have to wait in anticip….

Glad you enjoyed the show!

spacey – Adopted by Lady Mae

I’m certainly one of those who thought the humiliation part was the best part, but of course humiliation is not so dark, and the show wanted to cover a big variety of dark things, so I’m perfectly okay with it. Still, the humiliation show is very much antici…………….. pated here.

Thank you so much for this episode! I loved it and I love what you all do! You make me feel so much less alone in the things that I enjoy. It makes me want to shout to the world, “See you can still be little and love pain, or humiliation! You can wear diapers and still love edge play!”

Thank you again I love what you all are doing.

About the SSC debate… I understand the terms as follows:

safe – make sure that no unintentional damage can be done (minimize risk of accidents)
sane – the Dominant should be mentally stable, not drunk/drugged, etc.
consensual – there is always a safeword that ends everything.

I think this makes the terms compatible with even some edgier, crazier kinds of play.

It’s not that SSC *can’t* be used to describe some of the darker play out there. In my experience, SSC can be used as a bludgeon to say “your kink is not okay” because it doesn’t fit someones definition of safe or sane.

Another argument is around the use of the term “safe” vs. “risk aware”. Electro play is not safe, but you can be aware of it’s risk, and be careful when you play.

It’s not that SSC is wrong either! I think both terms have their place. If you’re really interested, google “ssc vs rack”.

I definitely think humiliation can be pretty dark if it’s real heavy humiliation. But maybe that’s just me.

And oh Spacey you just like to make me squirm don’t you. πŸ˜›

One thing we didn’t talk about was the “slutty adult daughter” ageplay/roleplay I do with one of my partners. It involves extremely heavy, cruel humiliation. When we do this, she’s my “Daddy” and talks about how her daughter (me) is a whore who needs to make money by blowing men for $5.00 at the bus stop. She says how ashamed she is of me and how I turned out, keeps going until I want to throw up, then shoves her tongue down my throat as I sob. So yeah… pretty dark. πŸ˜‰

So,I noticed the subject and thought to myself “hurray! This one is going to be awesome!”. I started listening, heard the warning about it getting dark, and thought to myself “bah, that its just for all those scaredy sissies out there.”


But, that is what made the show so fascinating and awesome. You guys went through an amazing amount of material, and gave it the treatment that it needed. You guys didn’t just gloss over the concept of consent, but tackled the thorny issue of consensual non-consent, and did it well. You we’re all respectful about eachothers limits and turn ons. So, overall, well done. As usual.

You need to bring back benny for the humiliation show. Please and thank you! While I’m on the topic, there should be a chunk of the show devoted to ideas on how to humiliate your little. Oh and can I have a pony? πŸ˜‰

I’ll need to listen to it again. It was that good.

I loved this episode, my favorite one so far! I am a Big, and I do boarding school play. The initial entrance physical is one of the darker kinds of play I do. it is a pretty intense physical exam, and almost every student, as an example, seems to have a build up of fecal matter that needs to be addressed, and address it we do.

One of my favorite lines was you could be dead… and nor in a good way!

Another was “…and the big is talking all nice and sweet while they are doing horrible things to you.”

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