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Episode 25 – Camps and Cons

Posted on: August 7, 2011

Episode 25 – Camps & Cons

Big Little Podcast Episode 25

Get the scoop on everything from attending to running a multi-day age play event from the folks that have been there at: Camp Crucible, CAPCon, The Floating World, Frolicon, FetFest, and more. Learn about what it’s like to attend, how you can help make events like these better, and what it takes to put these together.

Our very fine panelists were Andrea, RuleOfThree, and BristishLuckyPaul. Also a call-in cameo from Psyche.

Show Notes

  • The Floating World: a large educational/social hotel BDSM event in New Jersey, with ageplay activities
  • Camp Crucible: a week-long camping event with its own Kidz Kamp track
  • Black Rose: a BDSM focused hotel event with classes, dungeons and special events such as a formal dinner
  • Frolicon: an “alternative” hotel convention with  large Kink and Sexuality tracks (as well as others), and ageplay events.
  • Madtown KinkFest: hotel Kink/BDSM educational/social event in Wisconsin
  • CAPCon: an ageplay-focused hotel convention, run by the Chicago Age Players
  • FetFest: a new camping BDSM/Kink event featuring “Villages” of different interests (such as Ageplay, Polyamory, Female Domination, Queer, Rope, TNG and many others).
  • There will be a special Village at FetFest just for age players! Click here to register for FetFest through the Ageplay Village. Use code “littles” to save 10%!  If you’d like to help Mako plan activities for the Ageplay village, visit the FetLife group for the Village. There’s a little more info about the Village here, too.
  • If you’d like to volunteer at FetFest, click here for the volunteer application!
  • Twisted Tryst – BDSM camp experience Sept 15 – 18th in Wisconsin.
  • The BabyFur Public Behavior Guidelines: Some guidelines for Babyfur behavior (also applicable to many ABs) – geared to events at hotels/in public places.

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loL! Bringing my Nerf Gun with me!!! ;D

Ive never got to go to any thing, because I live by Seattle, so there isnt anythign I know of. Abu is right up the road though

I REALLY wish Twisted Tryst had been mentioned.

I’ll be sure to add that to the Show Notes right now. Thanks for the heads up.

spacey – Adopted by Lady Mae

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