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Episode 24 – Transgender Age Players

Posted on: July 31, 2011

Episode 24 – Transgender Age Players

Big Little Podcast Episode 24

Join your hosts and another panel of amazing guests as we talk about the joys and struggles for transgendered people who are also age players. One of our longer episodes, it’s a really deep and meaty show that’s about so much more than the topic suggests.

Our excellent panelists were Thymine, lissie, Aiden Fyre, Lee Harrington, Benny, and Riley Kilo.

Show Notes

Awesome show notes provided by Valentalae (the Encyclopedia Podcastica)

2 Responses to "Episode 24 – Transgender Age Players"

Great podcast. The complexity of gender expression makes it a difficult topic. I am a trans woman and an age player. For for me ageplay is a way to revisit a part of myself I partially shut off.

I never really thought of myself as a boy when I was younger, and having accommodating parents meant that while I wasn’t wearing dresses and pink I still got to play princess, have tea parties with my stuffed toys and bake cakes without it being perceived as inappropriate. I don’t feel like I missed out quite as much as some others may have. However, as I got older a lot of that spirit was replaced by a growing bitterness built up in school. I became closed off , unavailable, and defensive. I was harassed for my effeminacy and as a result it had a strong impact on my personality.

While I am much, much happier now it can still be hard for me to open up. Ageplay allows me to do that. It lets me embrace a part of my personality that I miss and have difficulty expressing. In my daily life I tend to be very assertive and aggressive in my interactions, something I developed as a defense. The trappings of ageplay help me move past that and to reclaim a bit of something I feel like I lost. It doesn’t take a lot for me day to day. The right pair of shoes, the right jewelry, just something to act as a reminder. It makes me a much more pleasant person to be around!

I enjoy the more involved aspects of roleplay as well, but I find the way it informs my daily life the most interesting.

Also your store rocks Benny.

I love riley. I seen her review for underjams, as soon as they came out, a long time ago. I just found her website abotu 3 months ago. I love love love her video’s and cant wait to hear the podcast. I know she listens to this podcast, and ive heard spacy mention her, on here before. I bet i will be doing 2 or 3 more comments on here like

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