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Episode 22 – Listener Questions & Comments

Posted on: July 17, 2011

Episode 22 – Listener Questions & Comments

Big Little Podcast Episode 22

On this episode we spend some time catching up. We talk a bit about the state of the show after 21 episodes, address some listener mail, and take our first ever live calls.

Again special thanks go to the #d-diaper IRC chat room on and all the great folks that called in and listened live.

Show Notes

1 Response to "Episode 22 – Listener Questions & Comments"

Great show! I loved the topics. I wanted to share something and touch basis in reference to trying new things, or switching with a partner, or simply seeing how something may work with another person.

First, let me say that I do know plenty of Diaper loving dominants that wear themselves. A diaper does not always equal submission or age play.

Second, my Sir/Daddy has tried diaper out of pure curiosity because he wanted to know what it might be like for me. Although, he couldn’t stand it I was very happy that he tried it. Its not that I wanted him to wear a diaper. Its the thought that he wanted to share with me.

I know that if there is anything either of us would like to try as long as we are up front and honest about it we can find ways to compromise. Of course there are certain things that I just will not do, or he wouldn’t but it doesn’t mean that we never get to do them. Which leads to number three.

Third, there are things I can’t do and don’t like. Face slapping, nipple play, deep tissue impact to the breasts… Just to name a few. I am confident and secure enough to have no issues with him doing these things to other woman/ and or men. In fact I love to watch and sometimes I will even help.

Mako, I love your system of 1-10! Although we have used giant lists of fetish related items before this seems so much easier!

Thanks to everyone! I love this show!

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