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Episode 21 – The Great Diaper Show

Posted on: July 10, 2011

Episode 21 – The Great Diaper Show

Big Little Podcast Episode 21

We’ve been talking about it for 20 episodes and now it’s finally here. Eleven guests make this the largest panel yet. It’s also the longest episode we’ve done.

Get yourself a big, big beverage, get padded up, and take a listen.

A full transcription of this episode is available.

Show Notes

Show notes coming soon.


17 Responses to "Episode 21 – The Great Diaper Show"

Great show as always, though I’m still hoping you’ll manage to get caught up with the last six episodes of show notes. 🙂

Hi Peter Rabbit! Show minion Maya here. Show notes are up for Episode 16 (Age Play Clothing Biz) and we are chugging away at the others as fast as we can (it’s harder to write with crayons than you’d think!). Thanks for your interest and please check back soon.

We’re working on it. I got a show minion, who’s going to help me. But I’m also going to dig into it with gusto, shortly. Thanks for being patient, all!

How come no one talked about messing diapers and/or messing substitutes?

Hi riddle,

As you’ve no doubt noticed, the show topics tend to drift around a bit. Ultimately there was so much to talk about we just get to it. Messing in diapers and substitutes like oatmeal and bananas is something we have talked about on other episodes. I know, for instance, it came up during the two part interview episode shared with the Freedom of Fetish show (Episode 15). I expect also get a chance to revisit it on future shows.

spacey – Adopted by Lady Mae

[Moderator: This one was tough to read. It still is, but I’ve made some edits to help.]

[My] problem is relationships[.] [I feel like I] either have to give up diapers or girlfriends[.] [I] don’t have money to join sites to pick up women[.] [I’m] very lonely and [don’t] have friends here where [I] live and [I’m] limited on travel. [How can] people deal with [finding] someone to love.

Hi Tim,

You’ll find that relationships are a common theme in many of our shows. Perhaps Episodes 4, 9, and 20 will be particularly helpful. Also the show on Dominant Mommies (episode 6) might be interesting for you.

Ultimately I think it comes down to a few important things:
* Learn to love yourself first with or without a relationship.
* Be a solid whole person and don’t just look for or treat folks like they exist to service your fetishes.
* Be completely open and honest with someone you’re getting serious with and do it as early as possible.

There’s lots more to be said, but those are the basics. Ultimately, you’re not looking for someone else to complete you. You’re opening yourself up to sharing your own ongoing adventure with someone else.

spacey – Adopted by Lady Mae

Sleepyk, I actually feel the same way about regression. When I strap on a diaper I don’t just become little automatically, I rarely actually regress. You’re not alone!

I’ve been listening to this one in the car yesterday and today, and have been quite entertained. Anyone remember what the name of that website was that has a listing of kink friendly doctors?

Hey Robbie… It’s the Kink Aware Professionals list, run by the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom. You can find it at

“show notes!”


I have a thing called a Neurogenic bladder, from being incontinent so long. I cant make myself pee, so I have to use a catheter 4-6 times a day:(. It hurts so bad, and i dont use it. I was a CNA too btw, and we could only clean around them. I can pee in my diapers if i relax, but i dont tell my urologest The kind of catheters i use, arent the kind that stay in. The kind that stay in are called a foley catheter. They have a baloon on the tip, that you fill up with saline when its in your bladder, so it doesnt pull out. Its really bad to have an erection, with one of thoes in. Im only 23, so thats why I cant have one of thoes So if an ABDL was aroused and having an erection, with a catheter in. They could easily cause some iritation inside thier urethra, because the lube goes away in a few minutes, so it would be sliding in and out, without lube, every time they had an erection. owie, huh.

I tell people who ” want’ to be incontinent, to change in a public stall, in a crouded bathroom with people waiting outside for you to get done. Like i mentioned in my last comment, Ive been incontinent most of my life. I dont really leave my house, but when i do, I have my places with unisex bathrooms. but i dont alwasy get luckey. its noisey unfolding a diaper. Pluss leaning up against hte door, to put it on, probably looks odd. with feetbelow the door. most of the time, theres a rail, a toilet paper dispinsor, and a seat cover thingey, on the walls, so you cant lean up agaisnt anything but the door. Or being late for somthing, and wetting right before you leave, and needing to chage.

my granpa’s back masoger on the outside is good. then one thing im embarrised about, is a viborating dildo on the inside. I never did them both at the same time before. I thought i was the only person who used a back viborator, on the outside. It works best with thin diapers like attends. I dont do it when their wet though. Im wierd, i like dry diapers I am just getting into dirty stuff, like porn, and talking about masterbating. It makes me happy to talk about that kind of stuff. 🙂

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Love this episode I know I am late but one thought I had. It is often noted people who grew up with cloth diapers like cloth diapers now and people who grew up wit disposables have that preference. Valentale commented about not caring for thick diapers, and that no baby needs thick diapers. Well myself being much older than she, grew up where Pampers commercials noted how thick they were compared to the other leading brand, it was only as I approached adulthood, did they start making them thinner. I wonder if other older, disposable era people have a preference for thicker diapers and younger people prefer thinner?

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[…] Episode 21 The Great Diaper Show - […]

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