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Episode 18 – Age Play and Asperger’s Syndrome

Posted on: June 19, 2011

Episode 18 – Age Play and Asperger’s Syndrom

Big Little Podcast Episode 18

Our special guest is Mae as she opens up about her experiences being an age player and a person with Asperger’s Syndrome.

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5 Responses to "Episode 18 – Age Play and Asperger’s Syndrome"

Wow, Great show
only just found you guys yesterday and im not sure what i was expecting but you guys definitely don’t disappoint. time to go back and listen to earlyer eps and hopefully catch up before you put out number 19

Yayy. I cant wait to hear this. Im 23 and have asperger’s syndrome. ive alwasy liked beeing a baby. I also have been incontinent most of my life.

Yeah. we have to learn the things that come natualy to “neuro typical’s”. Like for me, I have to force myself to look at someones face or eyes, when i talk to them. I still cant do it for more than a few seconds, but people think I lie, just because of the way I talk. Not people who know me. But when i first meet people, they somtimes think im a I love chatting online, because i cant see anyone, and they cant see me.

I like the way that Spacy’s mommy says Asperger’s, as apose to the way you guys, and I say it. Because Im sick of people thinking its called ass berger. So if we all start saying it like her. Maby it wont get mixed up so much, because when i was younger I couldnt even mention it, without somone trying to make a stupid joke, but it would get me really upset. So i like the way she says it, and i think thats probably the way the man from Austria, that invented it’s last name was probably sapose to sound.

hi and woow, i really liked this one, as you me read on my profile i to am asd asperger`s and dyspraxia and my obsession is……….nappies, thanks hugs and cuddles if you fancy i am on

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