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Episode 17 – Age Play and Finding a Therapist

Posted on: June 12, 2011

Episode 17 – Age Play and Finding a Therapist

Big Little Podcast Episode 17

Join Andrea, Kacie, Liz, Mae, and your hosts spacey and mako as we talk about our experience with therapy, talking to therapists about age play, and so much more.

Show Notes

And the Therapist Name/Resource Throwdown!

in Atlanta GA, Dr. Scott Conkright,
in Bethesda MD, Dr. Joe James,
in New Bedford MA, (coming soon)
in Washington DC, the DC Rape Crisis Center, and Whitman-Walker Health,

7 Responses to "Episode 17 – Age Play and Finding a Therapist"

In this episode you erroneously stated that the DSM-IV classifies infantilism as a disorder. There is only a single sentence in the entire section on paraphillias–under masochism–that even mentions a person’s sexual preference for being “forced to wear a diaper”. The word infantilism is not used in this context throughout the DSM-IV. Currently, the National Association of Mental Health does not recognize “paraphilic infantilism” as a disorder… although this term that has become the preferred nomenclature of sexual psychologists and the ABDL community as a whole.

Thanks for the correction!

Yet more reason why, as long as we live lives of balance, people shouldn’t worry overmuch about their paraphilia. Different doesn’t mean ill or bad.

Hey guys. This was another great discussion! I saw a therapist in college but the subject of infantilism never came up, so it was very interesting to hear your experiences with telling them and even being little for them.

So this was a very helpful episode for me. I just found you podcast a week ago and have listened to all ur episode up to date, and I am hooked lol. I have been thinking about seeing a therapist only for the fact that I want to know why I feel the way I feel. Not because I want to know if it is right or normal. I know it’s right cause it feels right and makes me so happy to partake in age play. I am 22 and kinda new to the whole lifestyle but I really feel as if it has opened up a side to me, lol my littles side, and has brightened my life. I have other mental disorders, like bi polar and depression and PTSD, but when I am in little mode those problems seem to drift away, age play is my anti drug lol 😛 Anyways thanks for all you do, you are a true inspiration, wish i had a podcast like yours or was a part of yours lol. Keep up the good work and I hope to comment more in the future.

Hi Tyler! There are many ways to “be a part of” the Big Little Podcast. One is to participate in discussion through comments here, on Twitter, or the BLP FetLife group.

Another way is to call in to the show voicemail line with your thoughts, questions or comments, or show ideas! If you do call in please be sure to say if it’s ok to use your call on the show. The number is (678) 421-4256.

And, if you are seriously interested in participating in a show as a guest, monitor the Twitter Feed and FetLife group as the show hosts occasionally put a call out for guests with various interests/knowledge to record a future show.

Darn I missed this!

Guys and gals, my wife (my mommy) is a licensed psychotherapist in NJ with her own practice. Here she is:

Hi! This is ‘Lucy Van Pelt’ (glenn’s SO). Advice: 5 cents!

I would like to mention that the DSM does not give any recommendations for any type of treatment of any disorder listed in it. It is merely a compilation of suggestions for how to classify any treatable disorders. My belief is that many of the issues that age players undergo are similar to issues related to other actual disorders (ie; shame, confusion, fear of others finding out about your secret).

I wonder if it maybe a better idea to work out the issues in the brackets above than to push for listing ‘Infantilism’ in the DSM. My fear would be a possible backlash or stigma of age play being labeled as an illness, which is is not Age play appears to be more of a way to cope with overwhelming feelings rather than an illness.

The only difference between age players and those who don’t age play is how they manage their thoughts and feelings about themselves in regard to the outside world. This is the issue for age players to work on, not whether their use of age play is an illness.

One must come to terms and accept ones own way of dealing with stress. Age players choose to regress as one a way to manage their possible stress. If this feels good and reduces stress they are likely to engage in age play again and begin to use it as a tool to cope with their frustration.

“Five cents please!”
Lucy Van Pelt

Many ageplayers are simply young at heart and child in spirit. Lots of ageplayers have very little stress or issues to work out. This is more of a specific episode for those that do.

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