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Episode 16 – The Age Play Clothing Biz

Posted on: June 5, 2011

Episode 16 – The Age Play Clothing Biz

Big Little Podcast Episode 16

On this episode spacey, mako, and Lady Mae are joined by a couple age play clothing makers. They’ll share how they got started, what keeps them going, and what it’s like to sell products and run a business geared towards age players. Along the way we also get a pretty awesome recap of the Littles Pageant that took place at CAPcon this year. And, of course, there’s lots, lots more.

Show Notes

  • Never Grown Up – Benny’s ageplay clothing store
  • Romper: a one-piece outfit that includes a shirt and shorts.
  • Onesie: Similar to a romper, but instead of shorts it only covers the rear/crotch areas. Also called a bodysuit.
  • Footie pajamas/Sleeper: a one-piece outfit for sleep/lounging that has long legs and sleeves, and often built-in socks.
  • Mako’s Appa shirt – The decoration was cut out of a toddler size shirt, then fused onto a contrasting color adult size t-shirt.
  • Littles & Baby Pride Pin – the symbol for ageplayers of all kinds! You can download the free art kit or buy a pin.
  • CAPCon – the Chicago Age Players Convention that took place April 1-3, 2011. (Free account required to access this page).
  • Ropecast – A Rope bondage/BDSM podcast
  • Seam ripper: a tool for picking stitches out of fabric, for removing pockets or taking apart garments at the seams.
  • Twisted Tryst – a BDSM/kink camping event in Wisconsin and Indiana that is very ageplay friendly
  • Camp Crucible – a similar event near Washington DC
  • Wazoodle – an online fabric store, specializing in fabrics to make diapers with, including Zorb
  • PUL (Polyurethane Laminate): a fabric with one plastic-like side to make it waterproof, used in manufacture of some diapers.
  • Abena Deltaform and Abena Abriform: two models of adult diapers. Abriforms feature a waistband and Deltaforms do not.
  • XP Medical – an online store featuring carrying various brands and types of adult diapers

4 Responses to "Episode 16 – The Age Play Clothing Biz"

FINALLY got to listen to a podcast. VERRRRY cool! Loved the topic. Can’t wait to listen to more. Thanks for a GREAT project!

What is capcon???

Great episode. I am so looking forward to the Show Notes.
Hope they will arrive soon. Looking everyday for them.
♪♫ Show Notes ♫♪ :-@

@bit Capcon is an ageplay convention in Chicago. It was held in April 2011 and will hopefully be held again in the future.

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