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Episode 13 – Age Play in the Popular Media

Posted on: May 15, 2011

Episode 13 – Age Play in the Popular Media

Big Little Podcast Episode 13

Our friend Ella, who was featured on the TV program The Secret Lives of Women, joins us again. We talk about some recent coverage and depictions on age play on TV, the radio, and even in the news. Ella gives us a deeper look at how her show segment was made and we share some recommendations for folks who find themselves in the eye of the media.

Show Notes

  • National Geographic Taboo – This segment about adult babies features Stanley from California and his auntie, Sandra.  We found it to be rather negative, for many reasons.  Thanks to the very awesome Rilo Kilo for hosting this clip on her blog.
  • The Secret Lives of Women – Our friend Baby Ella was on this segment about adult babies on The Secret Lives of Women.  It’s a much more positive portrayal.
  • Sin City on Adult Babies – This is a clip from a european show on adult babies.  It’s surprisingly positive.
  • Nanny Lynnette’s Adult Baby Birthday Party – This very positive segment from HBO’s Real Sex shows ageplayers in a lighthearted, respectful way.  It also ties ageplay and AB/DL to power exchange and BDSM.
  • 1,000 Ways to Die: Crib Your Enthusiasm – From a popular sensationalist show on Spike TV. WARNING: This very negative segment is spiteful and highly triggering. Proceed with caution.
  • CSI’s “King Baby” Episode – Full episode, hosted by Lildobe, about a murdered casino boss who was an adult baby.
  • It Gets Better – Dan Savage’s amazingly great project shows recorded video messages of support to struggling LGBT youth.  It’s a response to teen suicides caused by intolerance, showing that life for alternative folks does get better.
  • Frolicon – An awesome kinky/sci-fi/geeky event in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • NCSF Media Tips – The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom’s tips on how to interview on fetish issues
  • Second Life – a 3D virtual community where ageplay has been controversial and provoked some scandals.
  • “People who don’t understand AB/DL” – a fetlife thread about a recent “article” on adult babies.

9 Responses to "Episode 13 – Age Play in the Popular Media"

Wow. Heavy stuff. Thanks for saying Stanley and Sandra had their hearts in the right place. I actually know him from another site, and he’s more of a cool and enlightened person than a lot of people might think.
I think some site-owners have a real idealistic vision of their .com, or what-have-you, becoming this warm and welcoming haven for babies “of all ages.” What they don’t realize is, while they themselves aren’t out to get anyone, that kind of environment is like flypaper to those who do have less-than-admirable intentions. And then a lot of people jump to the conclusion that the site-owner is a pedo, when all they’re guilty of is having really, really poor judgment.
Re: Crib Your Enthusiasm. You can choose to be all offended and pissed off, or you can choose to see it for the non-educational, sensationalist spoof-fest it clearly was and laugh your ass off. I chose the latter. Don’t worry, I saw nothing funny about the Frolicon incident. That was absolutely not cool, and I’m real sorry it happened.

Excellent show guys, you really opened my eyes to a few things, thank you!

Excellent show all. I thought you might be interested in knowing there’s a copy of the first Jerry Springer episode on AB’s, from back in 1992, at

(That episode is from when Springer was still trying to make a semi-respectable show; it wasn’t until later that he went to the completely trashy place. That said, the episode is fairly negative in several ways, but I do think Stephanie did a wonderful job.)

In response to something you said… I really do think there’s such a thing as bad press. I was downright traumatized as an 11-year-old by happening across a TV show that convinced me that people with this interest are insane and that I’d be institutionalized or shunned if anyone ever found out about me. Prior to that, I hadn’t really had major shame issues surrounding my kink, but afterward… I was so far gone I actually started making detailed plans and preparations for suicide in the event of someone discovering my secret. Too me years to even start getting over it, and there are still ripples from it. That was bad press.

I don’t know if a TV show could do that kind of damage to a kid nowadays (let us all praise the glory of google). And it was really an unusually bad piece… usually, “bad” media coverage of us is just kind of embarrassing, making us out to be weird and/or funny (and, actually, we kind of are weird and funny, so it’s hard to blame them). But when a media depiction of us makes us out to be broken and sick…. I have a hard time seeing any good in that. The “ways to die” show is another one I just have nothing good to say about.

Luckily there haven’t been too many of those. I’m really very grateful to all the people like Ella who’ve braved the lion’s den and done media appearances to help put a human face on our kink.

Well said, Enfant. Praise be to Ella for making us look sane. 😀

There’s been new developments in the “Taboo” story with Stanely and Sandra.
Not really sure how to feel about it since I had less then positive feelings about the episode.

Wow, don’t read any of the comments on that article 🙁

The folks making the comments clearly left their humanity at the wayside when posting.

Yep. That’s already exploded on Fetlife. I won’t get into rights and wrongs and details, but know there are people looking out for him. He does have a support base, and they’re doing what they can.

I had an interest in Ageplay for a long time but the only thing I saw in the media were Adult Babies. While that may help people who are into being babies or diapered, I’m not one of them and prefer to be an older kid (8 years normally). So it wasn’t until I joined a chat room about ageplay on (thanks to Mr. Cuddle Bear who runs that and some other helpful pages) that I realized I don’t have to be a baby to ageplay nor am I alone.

having said that I love that you all adressed anger towards the media and how anger is like a dandelion.
something to add to that, as an herbalist, if you mow the dandelion down it makes more “weeds” but if you view the anger as something that can help you and make you grow…you dig it up and make the roots and leaves and heads into healing medicine that you can share (which I actually do lol).

thanks again for this show

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