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Episode 12 – Age Play, Blindness, and Diaper Buying Fun

Posted on: May 8, 2011

Episode 12 – Age Play, Blindness, and Diaper Buying Fun

In this episode our guest is Valentalae. She shares her stories about being a age player and a blind person. She also has a group on FetLife about age play and disabilities called Age Play with a Difference.

This show also contains one of the funniest true-life diaper buying stories your hosts have heard yet.

Big Little Podcast Episode 12

Transcription: Available here. Transcribed by Staub.

Show Notes

  • Wikipedia’s Big List of Paraphilias – this is where Valentalae first heard of infantilism.
  • Having your ear against someone’s crotch – it’s a fetish, really.
  • Age Play with a Difference – Valentalae runs this FetLife group for all kinds of age players with a difference.  Your hosts are members there, too.
  • Signing Without Sight – Valentalae shares an FAQ on FetLife about how she learns and uses sign language.
  • Magic Medical – Where Valentalae buys her diapers.
  • ABAIP – Short for A Better Absorbent Incontinence Product – another site to buy diapers from.
  • Webvisum – a browser add-on to solve those pesky CAPTCHAs.
  • Solona – human-powered CAPTCHA solution.
  • Black Rose – a Washington, DC based BDSM education group, with lots of good educational and outreach resources.
  • Avenue Q – A musical that’s sort of Sessame Street for grownups.

9 Responses to "Episode 12 – Age Play, Blindness, and Diaper Buying Fun"

Another great show, I had the pleasure of meeting Valentalae in San Fransisco and i’m continually impressed by her openness and outlook on the community. Very good choice of guest, looking forward to your next show 🙂

That was the first show I listened to, and I found it very enjoyable. The hosts were excellent at having a natural conversation, and Valentalae had some input that really fascinated me. If only I wasn’t in the midst of Hell week I would spend the whole night listening to everything.

I think this is my favorite episode so far. I loved the diaper buying story–Oh, that Aunt Dawna! Thanks Mako and Spacey for doing such a great job with your shows and having awesome guests like Valentalae.

Kel @o_o@

I use paratranset too. in seattle though. not california. I love this podcast. thanks for telling me about it mako.

I’ll take the chocolate chip pankakes from the food metaphor menu. XD

Whoops, it looks like the Solona CAPTCHA solution no longer exists. No matter. Webvisums’ better anyway. 😛

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