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A Little Something Sweet 2 – Hold My Calls

Posted on: May 25, 2011

Un-Warning: This segment DOES NOT contain explicit sexual content. 😉

Spacey: Frankly, this sweet little story  by my brother, mako, is one of my favorites so far. I’m really excited to get this into the feed and share it with you.


A Little Something Sweet 2 – Hold My Calls

Help us fight and cure blood cancers! (And maybe win a little something nice for yourself.)

6 Responses to "A Little Something Sweet 2 – Hold My Calls"

Awww! That was so cute! Just what I needed after imagining my little self getting stuck with scary needles. 😛

Thank you for this. I told others about it on my blog today! Have fun.

boy ricky and Daddy says hi!

whoops my link didnt work cause i was silly. Im off to listen to your spanking talk, cause I try to avoid them, but sometimes I can’t. any hints on how to avoid a spanking?

Thank you for doing such a wonderful thing ~ I’d like to help and participating in the raffle is not necessary. I made a mention about it on my blog so hopefully others can help as well. Best of luck reach your goal 😀

No, thank you dumpling for your very generous donation. To put your giving in perspective that $50 can fund the co-pays for up to two chemotherapy visits for a patient with blood cancer. That’s quite an amazing gift!

Thanks also, especially for helping to spread the word. It means so much!

spacey – Adopted by Lady Mae

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