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A Little Something Naughty 3 – A Gold Star for Effort

Posted on: May 11, 2011

Warning: This segment contains explicit sexual content.

It’s not an experiment anymore, it’s A Little Something Naughty. It’s naughty because these feature a narrator reading a piece of age play erotica. It’s important to note that there is sexual content ahead and those triggered or offended by such things should skip these segments. We will still be doing plenty of our regular shows and events updates.

Today’s story is dirty. It’s not just dirty, it’s REALLY dirty and ever so much fun. Enjoy A Gold Star for Effort by Mako Allen.

A Little Something Naughty 3 – A Gold Star for Effort

4 Responses to "A Little Something Naughty 3 – A Gold Star for Effort"

Another great story! Very hot imagery, I could see the gold stars glinting as they showered down on Shawnie. What a lucky boy!

Kel @o_o@

Awesome story. What I’d give to be Shawnie… Maybe those two should join up with Emily and her daddy and have an age play orgy.

I couldn’t stop laughing at the tone you used to use it. Very much a juxtaposition, reminds me of story time in kindergarden but it just sounds comedic to me with the content. X3

You get a gold star! HAH! I loved that part!

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