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Events Update 4/6/2011

Posted on: April 6, 2011

A brief events update with a followup to the recent CAPcon event, several upcoming littles munches in the next two weeks, other upcoming event, and where to meet the hosts.

Big Little Podcast Events Update for 4/6/2011

Show Notes:

Saturday, April 9th

  • The DC Littles Munch in Bethesda, MD (I’ll be visiting)
  • Mobile Littles Munch in Mobile, AL

Sunday, April 10th

  • Albany Littles Munch in Albany NY

Saturday, April 16th

  • Atlanta Littles Munch in Atlanta, GA (field trip to Piedmont Park. Party May 21st)
  • Austin Littles Munch and Party in Austin, TX
  • Boston Littles Munch is skipping their regular munch this month and having a party. Details on their FetLife group or contact
  • Indiana Hoosier Highchair in Bloomington, IN

Wednesday, April 20th

  • San Francisco Littles Munch in San Francisco, CA
All the information for these munches can be found on

Also announced were the following reminders:

  • NELIcon — which stands for North East Littles Invasion — is taking place April 15th – 17th. They have gobs of information in two places. On here: and on FetLife here:
  • Frolicon – In Atlanta, GA. It’s not an age play event, per se. But it is age play inclusive and there are going to be special events set aside just for us. I’ve been attending for years and it’s absolutely amazing. It’s April 21st through the 24th and you can get the details at spacey will be attending this one.
  • Camp Crucible – Near Washington, DC. This is a BDSM oriented camping experience. But calling it that simply doesn’t do it justice. It’s really an amazing time to be free to be who you are on the inside. Every year the age players get together and most get a cabin or two together. There are also special events just for age players called Kidz Kamp. Learn more at This year mako will be attending

Other places to meet the hosts

  • DC Littles Munch – Saturday, April 9th in Bethesda, MD. spacey and mako will be attending together as spacey is visiting that weekend from Atlanta.

The next episode of the Big Little Podcast should be coming on Sunday, April  10th and is about bratting. Our special guest will be Scotty, a masterful little brat.

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