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Episode 9 – Self Esteem & Coming Out

Posted on: April 17, 2011

Episode 9 – Self Esteem & Coming Out

Big Little Podcast Episode 9

Self esteem seems like something people are born with. Most often, however, it’s a skill learned through determination and practice. In this episode our guest Andrea, Ella, and Lady Mae, join us for a discussion about the importance of self esteem, strategies for improving it, and using it to come out to the people that matter.

Show Notes:

  • Camp Crucible – BDSM Oriented camp/vacation experience with age play events and a large contingent of age players.
  • War of Art – A book by StevenPressfied. It talks about “The Resistance” and the importance of doing what you feel fear about.
  • Power Exchange Books Resource Series: Age Play – A collection of article by age players and a range of topics. Referenced in the show because spacey contributed an article about how age play can combine with a variety of kinks.
  • Secret Lives of Women segment (YouTube video) – This segment aired on the WE tv network’s show, The Secret Lives of Women. Our guest, Baby Ella agreed to appear. In doing show, she helped a lot of other age players learn they were not alone.
  • Erotic Awakening Episode 107 – Lee Harrington discusses some of his experiences with age play. He also talks about understanding how many people’s reactions are based on projection of themselves on us. It’s an excellent show.
  • The Four Agreements – A book by Don Miguel Ruiz. Referenced by andrea, it goes deeper into concepts of compassion and projection.
  • Ella’s Playspace – Little Ella’s most excellent blog.

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5 Responses to "Episode 9 – Self Esteem & Coming Out"

I think the self esteem portion of the episode was handled extremely well and detailed. Although, on the coming out section I think there was a missed opportunity to address why a little feels the need to tell someone. Given the duality of our community with the sexual/non-sexual components and all the aspects in between. A little needs to ask themselves by telling others are they trying to fulfill an emotional need, or are they using it as a form of exhibitionism. I think it’s important that if they’re looking to tell people in order to fulfill a sexual need with people who would more likely be less then accepting. Then they should take into account the thoughts of others before using them to get their rocks off by telling them about their diapers, age play, etc. Even if it’s just in minor detail.

Ella is my hero! I’ve told her that before but it was her episode that I used to help explain the fetish to my wife.

This episode sparked an idea for my next article on my blog. I have a few interesting stories of buying diapers at the store that I’ll be sharing in the near future. Thanks again guys!

Great show you guys! Although whenever I think of coming out I automatically wonder, “Well what’s the point?” Also whenever I even hear the phrase “coming out,” I immediately think of Heidilynn. And not to disrespect the dead, but there are some things she did that I’d never want to do. Are these just my inhibitions talking?

P.S. You want interesting supermarket diaper-run stories I got ‘em. lol


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