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Episode 7 – Fur Fandom and Babyfurs

Posted on: April 3, 2011

Episode 7 – Fur Fandom and Babyfurs

Big Little Podcast Episode 7

Our special guest for this show is Cargo Weasel. He tells us all about the cute and fuzzy world of fur fandom and littlefurs/babyfurs.

Show Notes:

  • Ft. Awesome at Camp Crucible: Box rivet Fort build by Cargo and the other kidz at Camp Crucible.

More show notes coming soon.

9 Responses to "Episode 7 – Fur Fandom and Babyfurs"

This was SUCH an excellent podcast. I’m very tired after a busy Sunday but I was hooked after a few minutes. Cargo is always an amazing guy, but wow, I will have to go listen to the other episodes soon! If there’s any help you guys need, please don’t hesitate to ask!

If a non ageplayer stumbled on this pod cast, the “sexy” womans intro would COMPLETELY freak me out!! Please remove it. Please!

Hey little maya,

I can see you feel very strongly about this. I really appreciate that you care enough about us, the community, and the show to comment here and share your honest thoughts with us. It’s hugely important I hope you’ll keep doing that for us.

Of course the problem with being a show by, about, and for age players of all kinds is that not everyone is interested in or appreciates all kinds of age play. But brother and I feel strongly that it’s important to show that there’s no wrong way to do adult consensual age play. This includes sexual age play, which I understand this particular opening suggests to you.

I am biased about this opening, too. My Mommy, Lady Mae, recorded it for us. I’m in love with her and the sound of her voice.

The good news is that we do plan to continue rotating through show openings. We started out with mine, then included Favorite’s, and now Lady Mae’s. We haven’t settled on the next one yet, but I understand brother wants to do something fun/funny with his mommy Kacie. In the mean time, we’ll be using Lady Mae’s for one more show.

I do hope you enjoyed the rest of the show. I really thing Cargo Weasel did a great job.

Also again, thank you. Even if we don’t agree (we’re people, it happens) I really do appreciate your honest feedback.

spacey – Adopted by Lady Mae

Thank you for your calm and thoughtful reply spacey.

I understand where you are coming from and why you would like the intro.

I liked the rest of the podcast very much – thank you for doing a great (and profesional) job of producing these episodes for us all to enjoy.

little maya

Personally, I find many of the voices on the show to be very sexy. A sexy voice is up to interpretation. What sounds nice to one person sounds naughty to the another. (or just plain creepy)

It’s one of the reasons why we frequently have different people reading the intro. We thinks it’s a fun way of introducing our guest and there is something for every one.

Personally, I really dislike the way I sound over the phone and on podcast. I think my voice sounds deeper on the podcast. It doesn’t sound feminine, girly or sexy at all.

As Radix said, this was an amazing podcast! I learned a lot about the furry fandom that I was not aware of. I loved your point, Spacey, about how we should celebrate our similarities. Since I joined twitter I have made some good friends, both furry and babyfur, who are amazing people, including Radix, and no matter what our different interests are I wouldn’t trade them for anything! Thanks for another great podcast for my drive home!


Wow, such a great podcast, guys! They’ve all been so good, but as someone who is sort of on the edge of the furry fandom without actually being a member of it, this one was really awesome. So many of my friends are babyfurs and yet I still learned so much from this podcast. I was especially interested to learn that when furries look at each other, they see their artistic representation…the comparison with ageplayers being seen as their little selves was so apt. I have a friend that switched fursonas from a boy lion cub to a girl fox and I never realized how much I saw his fursona when I looked at him until the switch…it’s hard for me not to think of him as the little lion cub in his earlier art.

Like James commented, I also love your point about celebrating our differences and accepting one another. There really is no one right way to be an AB, a DL, a babyfur, a D/s-er, a kinkster, a human being. We should accept each other if we want to be accepted–so true! I’m gonna have to listen to this one again, there was so much good stuff in it.

Kel @o_o@

thank you so much for this show! I feel like it was needed for the community and it really makes littlefurs like myself feel accepted in the AB community.

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