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Episode 6 – Dominant Mommies, Age Play and Parenting

Posted on: March 27, 2011

Episode 6 – Dominant Mommies, Age Play and Parenting

Big Little Podcast Episode 6

We had two special guests for this show:

  • Ms. Jessica – Is a dominant, parent, and had experience as a Mommy to several age players.
  • Mae or DarklingMae is Mommy to spacey and long time BDSM and age player.

Transcription: Available here. Transcribed by PandaPet.

Show Notes:

  • Middle – (n.)  An ageplayer who doesn’t identify as a little or a big, but rather something in between. Example ages could be 8-16 or older and some roles might be big sister/big brother, tween, teen, babysitter, middle/high school student.
  • That hideously wonderful joke:
    What are the two sexiest animals in the barnyard?
    Brown chicken, brown cow!


5 Responses to "Episode 6 – Dominant Mommies, Age Play and Parenting"

Loved the show. Was wondering if the 2 mommies could contribute to a, sort of description, defining attributes of an ageplay mommy ought to be. There have been recent posting on fetlife and other places where people have asked that question. Something in writing would be of help.

Baby Inky I would posit you another few question(s)… Why should there try to be any sort of description or defining attributes of ageplay mommies? I definitely disagree that there should! Why not? Several reasons, and for the purposes of this comment I’ll just use the word “mommy” to mean any person who is taking on the role of power over an ageplayer in a single scene or a relationship, whether they identify as mommy, grandma, auntie, babysitter, older sister, nurse, etc.

A) because ageplayers are many and varied and no one (or few) mommies could purport to speak for all mommies – even with two opinions you are still missing out on all the thousands (millions?) of other opinions

B) because different ageplayers (and people) like different kinds of characteristics/attributes in a mommy. I might like indulgent and caring whereas another ageplayer might like strict and sadistic, OR a wonderful mix of the two, or some other option!

C) because an ageplayer can like certain attributes in one mommy and different attributes in another scene or with another mommy, for example a mean and evil babysitter who tortures and teases, and a mommy who comes home to kiss the booboos and stroke the hair.

D) there is no “ought” to be. There is only what works for that ageplayer and the others that they relate to. If you listen to the other podcasts you will find this theme to be inherent to all of them! No one person can tell you what ought or ought not to be. Each of us does ageplay in our own special and useful way and what anyone else does (entertaining, educational or useful as it might be) doesn’t mean you should or shouldn’t do something the same or differently.

There, now I know my ABCDs. I do think that one could compile a list of *possible* characteristics of an ageplay mommy, but it would be pretty useless as a “defining” list because such a list would need to contain every single personality characteristic there is (OK, maybe not “murderous” – or maybe even yes – if it was only the *attitude* and not the action). 😉

ageplay advocate, little, middle & big, & co-host of the NC Littles Munch

This is all very interesting to me. I am really looking for some guidence in this area. After a year of awesome sexual chemistry with a man I’m totally in love with, we happened to have a huge, lengthy heart to heart after discovering some sites he was a member of. He didn’t feel he could tell me about his fantasies because I’d look at him as abnormal. Infact he discovered we are so completely similar it is funny and have many of the same secret desires and fantasies. So one of them is his desire for ageplay with him as the teenage son. I believe it is because his first sex was at age 17 and the woman was 33. He has a huge love of cougars and I think the two may go hand in hand. It just happens that he lucked out and found himself with someone extremely willing to try new things and explore everything that is out there. So we’ve been toying with it, mostly via texts during the day we will begin the mother son play. My dilema is really not feeling sure I am doing it the right way or saying the right things. I don’t want to ruin his fantasy or my own experience with it. I’m looking for some direction I guess and hoping after a 1000 stupid sites, that someone can help me.

I’d be happy to talk to you. I’m “mako” on fetlife, drop me a note.

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