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A Little Something Naughty 1

Posted on: March 30, 2011

Warning: This segment contains explicit sexual content.

We’re trying an experiment here. Normally on Wednesdays we’ve been posting about upcoming events and that kind of thing. This time we wanted to put something extra and fun into the feed.

We’re calling this new segment A Little Something Naughty. It’s naughty because these will feature a narrator reading a piece of age play erotica. It’s important to note that there is sexual content ahead and those triggered or offended by such things should skip these segments. We will still be doing plenty of our regular shows and events updates.

Today’s erotica is Emily on the Elevator, by Mako Allen.

A Little Something Naughty 1 – Emily on the Elevator

11 Responses to "A Little Something Naughty 1"

Oh you had to stop there…you bastards! :p


We ARE switches, after all.

ARGH you bastards
posting something like that…
and then STOPPING when you did
i think ya’ll need to be spanked 😛
such lil teases.

great job on the story
and thank you for such an interesting podcast

Why did you stop?….WHYYYYYYYYY?!!!!!

WHY!?!?! I’m with the others.. *whimper*.. please tell us more!! 🙂

that’s what they call, A CLIFFHANGER !!!!!!!

but I agree with you guys ……… but then again, i’m sure that we will all be checking in once a day to look if the rest of this story has a sequal to it 😀


I do want to explain myself a bit to you guys. This is a piece of flash fiction. There’s no sequel. You know that tense, exciting, right-on-the-edge-of-your-seat feeling Emily had as she rode up to see her Daddy? You felt it, too.

I think that if I brought the story into the next scene, half of you would be disappointed by whichever direction I chose. Some love dirty loving daddies, some love strict, disciplinarian ones, and yet others like other things entirely.

This way, you can either stop right with the built-up tension, or imagine all sorts of possible continuations of the action, in your own imagination.

Mako… You suck… Honestly… Dude… This is so not fair! I should NEVER listen to any of your stories while my Daddy/Sir isn’t here. Do you know how turned on I am!? Not good! I can’t do anything about it because of Daddies/Sir’s rule… This bites, I’ve been blue balled! You should put warnings on your stories. “Only listen/read if you’re able to do something about it.”

Really, really good. I loved it.

Thanks, Kim. That means a lot to me. You’ve been a good audience to me for a long time now.

I just now listened to this story and although I’m a gay guy, this story was HOT. I so wanted her to get to her Daddy. I also wanted to see what he would do to her for wetter her panties! Flash fiction is such an apt name for it.

Look at that, I was so hot and bothered, I’m not even using correct English…wetter should be *wetting!

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