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Posted on: February 20, 2011

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So far, I really like what I’m hearing. Describing the munch like you are, people can really see what one is. And describing the kind of place that one is held (why you have separate checks, why a varied assortment of foods is a better idea, why not at someone’s house) makes it easy for someone who’s not connected to our munch to set one up for their interest group – so it’s like you’re making munches more accessible. Good job on that.

Aaaand now I know why you hold the munch when you do, and it makes sense. …buuuut I’m still going to get there early, because I like eating at a “normal” lunch time. 😛

Pointing out that a small munch (4-person) is just as “munch success” as a large one was a good thing – I think a lot of people, just starting out, would probably get discouraged by a small get together, if you hadn’t said that.

You didn’t beat the whole consistency thing to death, but rather gave it the amount of attention it needed to have, I think.

“Ageplay is such an edgy topic… people are so nervy about it…” (Paraphrased) I don’t know that I’d agree with thaaaat… but that’s just me. Then again, I’ve never been worried about being an /s-type, or a kitten or anything else, so I could just be weird.

All in all, I think the podcast was well done. 🙂


Thanks so much for the kind comments about the show. I’m glad to see that some of it resonated for you. Also, hooray for not feeling nervous about age play! 🙂

Stay tuned. We’ve been working and there are some other fun shows coming up!

spacey – Adopted by Lady Mae

I really enjoyed listening to your podcast. I especially liked the topic of the first one…I referred someone on fetlife to it that is trying to start a munch in Phoenix. Also, I posted a link to your podcast on my “little” blog…I hope that’s OK and if not, I’ll gladly take it down. Just thought your podcast was worth checking out and wanted to share it with others.

Hope you keep them coming!


munkey boy Celyn

Hi munkey boy Celyn,

Thanks for listening and letting others know about the show. I appreciate that you felt moved to share it and I’ve enjoyed reading your blog as well.

The next episode comes out on Sunday night. I hope you’ll enjoy it too.

spacey – Adopted by Lady Mae

Dear Spacey and Mako,

today, I stumbled upon your podcast through a topic at fetlife. Just wanted to let you know, that I loved the first episode. I couldn’t agree more with every single issue you brought up. I, myself am organising munches since 8 years in various cities in Germany. I think we almost made the same experiences. So thank you very much for sharing those experiences with the rest of the Age Play world. I was smiling all the time while listening, because I felt so close to what you said, even though I never had the chance to attend one your munches. It just felt as if we had been at the same events.

Currently my friend Eldianino and myself are organising the monthly munch in Berln. We meet up on saturday nights, currently having 20-30 attendees, while we started 2 years with only a handful of people. So I think you are totally right. Most important thing is patience. Even in a big city, it takes some time for people to show up. I think, most people just wait until they see, the event is happening regularly and the organisers are trustworthy.

I hope a lot of people will get inspired by your podcast and also get involved in the Age Play community to start their own munch.

I wish you the best of luck with your podcast. I will write a note on the german Diaper-Blog I do ( So I hope you will get a lot of german listeners as well.

I hope I will have the chance to visit one of your munches some day in the future. And you are certainly very welcome, in case you visit Germany and Berlin to join our group.


Hi Linus,

Thanks so much for writing and sharing your thoughts about our first show.It interesting to learn that our experiences in munch hosting seem to be so similar, even across continents. I do hope it will help motivate those who might be considering hosting a munch, but didn’t know how to get started. If you have any additional experience you’d like to share, my brother and I would love to hear them.

I’ve never been to Germany, but I’ll certainly make it a point to try to make it to a munch if and when I ever do make it. It’s always great to make new friends. I’ll look forward to meeting you if you ever get over to Atlanta.

I don’t speak German, but thanks to Google Translate, I can at least get the gist of your web site. It looks great and seems to have a lot of fun/useful information. Of course, machine translation can be a little rough.

I take it from reading that the munch you’re hosting is for diaper wears. If you’re munch is actually open to age players of all kinds (not just those interested in diapers) then perhaps we can get you involved in some of the resources we have available on Yours could have the distinction of the first munch outside the US on the site. 🙂

It’s great to hear from you, Linus. Best of luck in continuing to grow your munch out there and thanks for all you’re doing to help others!

spacey – Adopted by Lady Mae

Hi Spacey,

thanks for your kind reply. It is amazing how similar Europe and the US are, when it comes to munches, no matter if it is a diaper munch or an age play munch. You are right, our munch is officially called a diaper munch, but it really is visited equally by diaper lovers age players (mainly adult babies). The german scene is a very vibrant mix of diaper lovers and adult babies, adult childs, where no one is taking the differences too serious. There are so many DL that are wearing onesies, because they like them and there is more than one DL discovering his inner baby or child, when talking to other AB.

So, the answer to your question is yes, we are open to all kinds of Age Players, Diaper lovers and all people that feel connected to or interested in our scene. My fellow munch organisers Eldianino and Schlubi and myself are really happy and quite excited you asked if we would like to be the first littles munch outside of the US. We would be delighted to join littlesmunch.

It’d be great to have some people from the US visiting our munch when travelling Europe. Maybe it happens, when we are in the events section of your podcast. We are happy to share our dates with you. Our next munch will be on 26th March. We can share all details with you by mail.


Oh, also, if you let me know about the dates and times of your munches a little ahead of time, I can talk about them during the Events updates.

Awesome first episode, guys! The topic was great, the content was very useful and interesting, and the sound was perfect. Keep up the great work! I’m going to post a link on my blog as well. I hope your audience just keeps on growing.

Hugs and Snuggles,
Lil Ella

Thanks for the kind words and wishes! I sure hope we’ll be able to get you to join us on an episode soon. I’ll bet you have some great stories to share. And it’s been a darn long time since we last got to chat at camp. 🙂

spacey – Adopted by Lady Mae

I listened to your first podcast and while I agree in principle to what you are doing. I feel that you are doing is not new, it is actually a new outgrowth of DPF, who took over from Amber E. and others from that time period.

I feel like you are not giving credit to those of us who have paid our dues, how about some respect. More important to me is this ageplay deal, it is geared toward the AB side of the community and the DL side is truely neglected.

I appreciate your trying to continue, what Tommy started by having abdl meets. I feel like you are expanding your empires and fame. And as far as the Mackie Pin I don’t and have never liked it. I feel like you think you are the abdl community. and I disagree.

Hi Johnny Lee,

You bring an excellent point. Indeed we all stand on the shoulders of the giants that came before us. Although I was never a member of DPF, some of my first other contacts with adult babies — during the pre-web days of the internet — may never have happened without Tommy and his organization. In fact there are many more to thank. There are so many people that have put themselves out there for what they believe in. The list includes BDSMers, trans and gay rights advocates, and others age players of all kinds. Many of them came before Tommy even. I hope that what we are doing is helping to continue all of their work, including Tommy’s. Even better, I hope others are inspired to continue it as well.

As a quick side note, one of my personal heros has even posted in the comment above this one. She put herself out there in the public eye. And even though it has had serious ramifications for her life, she continues to go out and advocate for other age players. Plus she’s just a really awesome person to boot.

I know my brother, my sister, and I in the ghidrah do what we do because we feel a personal calling to it. Reaching out and helping age players connect and know they are not alone and that it’s fine and fun to be who and what they are is what drives us. We want to help them connect. That’s what projects like, the Littles and Baby Pride Symbol, and even this show are all about. They are our forms of advocacy.

As for age play and being geared towards adult babies, you are mostly right. In fact, we intend it be be far more inclusive than just adult babies. There’s are adult kids across a wide spectrum from daddy/girls to school kids to bratty school kids to the great cloud of age players that take on the big roles and so much more. The work that we feel called to do is about celebrating all of them and that which we have in common.

Our show and work is Diaper Lover friendly, but it’s not _about_ diaper lovers in the purest sense of it being a fetish apart from age play. That doesn’t mean we wish to denigrate it or feel it’s any less valid or important kink. It’s just not what is in our hearts to advocate for. I hope and know that others more connected to it will.

As for “fame”, there is a certain amount of putting ourselves out there that is necessary to support our mission. But I put “fame” in quotes for a reason. I could be king of all age players everwhere. But that and a dollar-fifty would still just barely get me a cup of coffee at starbucks. If fame matters to someone and they want it, more power to them.

My family and I will keep focusing on our work and building connections with and among people. To me, that seems so much more valuable. I, my brother, and my sister, our families and friends, we are not the community. We are simply doing what we feel is our part to help. Just as so many other people, including you. I like your blog and I hope you’ll keep up that work.

Finally, I presume by “mackie pin” you are referring to the Littles and Baby Pride symbol that mako and his previous mommy created and that we continue to support. If it doesn’t speak to you or for you, that’s ok. It’s out there as an option but others can and have created other ways to show theirs. Even better, I hope come up with something that speaks to you and will share it, too. In the mean time, this one is freely out there in the public domain for people to adapt and use.

Thanks for listening, for the reply, and for bringing up the important note that we are all able to do what we do because of people that stepped up and gave of themselves before us.

spacey – Adopted by Lady Mae

p.s. I wrote this pretty early in the morning. So, sorry for all the typos. 🙂

hi guys,

just listened to the first podcast (to be honest, still listening) and wanted to say: great job, to me it expands the freedom of beeing an AB/DL ………

Thanks from Holland / The Netherlans.


Hi WR,

Thank you for the nice comment. I hope you enjoy it and the other shows too.

spacey – Adopted by Lady Mae

Kudos! So enjoying the new podcast!!

How do you subtly identify the munch group from afar if you don’t know what anyone in the munch looks like?

-slavelette bit

Hi there Bit!
There are a couple of different things you can do:
1) Look for a group of happy, chatty people having fun. That’s usually the munchers!
2) Look for overalls, cartoon character t-shirts, subtly child-like clothing, and/or the Ageplay & Baby Pride pin.
3) Some munch hosts bring or display an item to help you find the group. At the NC munch, we prop a stuffed animal up on our table to help newcomers find us. If this is the case, it’s usually written in the munch details for that particular munch.
4) Contact the munch’s hosts and ask them for help finding the group.

Good luck and take care!
NC Littles Munch Organizer

Thanks bunches Maya! i’ll have to investigate that for my local munch!

slavelette bit


Maybe you can help me with a problem. We have had something of an irregular ABDL meeting here where I live. The last few meetings I attended were frankly a bit tedious because there were a few people who knew no boundaries, some who were downright exhibitionistic and some who were so needy of attention that they kept commenting on each and every thing somebody said, effectively destroying the conversation. These meetings were in a semi-private space, which I think was at least partly the cause for some people behaving the way they did.

The person who used to organise these meetings no longer wants to do it, and the place where we met will soon be no longer available. Now I’d really like to get some of the people together that I enjoyed talking to (those were quite a few), but I wouldn’t mind if those who I found annoying didn’t show up. Still, while I could arrange a private meeting with them, I still think it’s important to give new people the chance to show up. The last time, the two new people were totally put off by some people who were present.

Keeping it private makes no sense to me, but announcing it publicly means we may have to deal with people that bring a destructive edge to the meeting.

Will meeting in a regular café/restaurant be enough to ensure that everybody behaves in a civilised way and/or that some people don’t show up?
Will telling them “please behave or you’re no longer welcome” accomplish anything?

I think that it would be important to have regular munches/meetings in our city, and past experience has shown that there are definitely enough people who would be interested. I’d like the meetings to continue and wouldn’t mind organising them, but I’m afraid that I may either not be tolerant enough towards all the people who show up, or am at a loss what to do to turn these meetings into something that won’t frighten any newcomers.

Any thoughts/advice on this?

Many thanks in advance,
Pete a.k.a. eedoo

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Hi Mako and Spacey,

Thanks for saying that a munch with only a few people is a success as I fully agree with this. I run a midweek munch and the fact it is a small munch is one of our selling points. The bigger munch in my city in fact recommends our smaller one to newbies as a sort of pathway to the bigger munches and events 🙂

Charley x

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