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Episode 31 – The Boy Show

Posted on: September 18, 2011

Episode 31 – The Boy Show

Big Little Podcast Episode 31

You heard and loved the girl show, now it’s time for the boys to play. Join our panel as we discuss the realities and misconceptions of being a male-identified age player.

Thanks again to our boy-riffic panelists for sharing of themselves and lending us their perspective. The man-folk in this panel were: Suki, Gwydion, Justin, RS, Matty, James, and Benny. (Also Frankie who unfortunately lost his connection just after the show started). Plus we have even more great call-in moments and comments from the chat room folks during the recording.

Show Notes

  • Coming Soon.

7 Responses to "Episode 31 – The Boy Show"

Join our panel as we discuss the realities and misconceptions of being a mail-identified age player.

People don’t always appreciate how often people just shove us into an envelope and don’t think about our feelings – I’m glad you’ve covered this 😉

Gwydion gave me a great story idea during this show, for A Little Something Naughty – would you all like one about a Daddy Training Camp?


And Mako, I’d sure love to hear it. 😀

*WAH*………. where are the show notes please? I hear y’all mention them and can’t find them :-(

It says “coming soon”, right at the end of the entry. Just have a little patience. 😉

Thank you Captain Felix :-)
I feel better now… was thinking I was too little to figure it out LOL

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