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A Little Something Sweet 3 – Lean on Me

Posted on: August 6, 2011

Un-Warning: This segment DOES NOT contain explicit sexual content. :)

In this edition we feature our first piece of fiction by another author. It’s a wonderfully sweet work that shows a facet of age play that many never consider. Story by Valentalae and read by Mako Allen.


A Little Something Sweet 3 – Lean on Me

6 Responses to "A Little Something Sweet 3 – Lean on Me"

aw – why didn’t Valentalae read it herself? no offence to you Mako, but she has such a good voice actor, it’s a shame!

You know, I agree! Maybe I’ll ask her to read something of mine. :-)

Thanks! I’ll have Aunt Donna read it. lol

I loved this story, short and sweet and just what i needed to brighten my day:)

I’ll make sure I point it out to Valentalae. :)

[…] Little Something Sweet 3 – Lean on Me […]

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